We are Gunslingers, Snipers...and Melee fighters?

So I’m nearly done with the PAAAAAAIN TRAIN WOO WOOOOOO!!! (ahem) so I’m nearly done with that. Now I’m thinking about trying something a little…out of my comfort zone. I will admit when given a choice if I had to pick a small little pistol/a sniper rifle to a high powered shotgun or a rocket? I’m gonna pick the shotgun or the rocket…or a shotgun that shoots rockets <3

What I’m saying is…I rarely pick those speedy crit lovers until now (Oooooh!) so just like the PAAAIN—(ok they get it) aww :frowning:

So unlike the “Pain Train” I’m calling this one~

(take’s a breath)

Borderlands- Mordecai
Borderlands Pre-Sequel- Nisha
Borderlands 2- Zer0

So…yeah I rarely use these types of characters so some tips would be lovely :slight_smile:

Mord and Zer0 are very much glass cannons, as can Nisha (depending on how you build her). They may be able to dish out the hurt, but they break easy under fire. I have a natural close-quarters playstyle that (apart from Nisha) makes it hard(er) for me to play these characters. I do play every character, but I don’t have as good of advice for these characters as some other people can (in spite of Nisha being my main in TPS). @Chuck80 is our Nisha (and Salvador) guy and @Kitty_Jo is our Mordecai obsesser. There are quite a few experts who can help with Zer0, but their frequency of actually being on these boards is on/off at best, so I won’t summon any of them.

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Well any kind of help will do my man :slight_smile: thank you for giving it your best shot though. It’s really—really out of my comfort zone with these characters xD

My best:

Mord: The bird is better than people say, just get used to the dumb AI he has. Fully upgraded, he will daze multiple enemies and heal you to full (which is good since his other healing skill, Riotous Remedy, is total crap). Trespass only applies to the impact damage; if you’re using an elemental gun, the DoT will damage the shield instead of health.

Zer0: I don’t have him at max level yet, so I don’t want to give advice on him for fear of talking out of my ass. What I will say, however, is to get him a Blockade shield once you get higher level. It’ll help offset his low survivability.

Nisha: Get Order as your first skill, regardless of which tree you choose to go down first. The Order and Riflewoman trees are her best overall trees, the middle tree (whom’s name is eluding me) is more for if you want to focus on pistols. It has some good general skills in the first two tiers, but if you want to be more than pistols, focus on the other two trees.

I actually also play Zero :stuck_out_tongue: he’s my second favorite, though I have never played him melee.

Zero: Learn the Zero “rhythm”
Playing Zero is kinda like a dance… there are step to learn and a flow to observe. Dodge, deception, sidestep, Kunai, grenade, reload, waiting, aiming, lining up targets for bore, shot, dodge, take advantage of the kill skill, reload, reenter deception, etc. A well-timed zero can dispatch anything with any gear, but if you make a false move, the best gear in the game will not save you. He’s really a glass canon and relies a LOT on the player’s skill. I suggest you start by exploring a simple “shotgun surprise” build with some points into Unforseen. That should teach you what you need to know about Zero’s special gameplay. It’s hard to master but very fun and rewarding. (don’t forget to spec out of unforseen once you hit UVHM since it stops being useful by then)

Nisha: Nisha’s a bruiser, nothing like Zero :stuck_out_tongue: They are both glass canons but that’s where the similarities end. With Nisha, just pick any gun that you would like if there was no such thing as recoil and hammer away. Make sure to spec into Tombstone and Unforgiven and everything will die very fast. Nisha’s main issue is ammo: she cranks out so much lead that ammo conservation is her biggest issue. Learn to pace yourself: You can get as much DPS as you want, but always at a price. The trick is to manage your output with your resources. Try to favor guns that deal high damage PER BULLET spent even if they are slow. DPS doesn’t matter, her skills handle that part: she can make ANY gun a terror…as long as you still have ammo. Diversify your loadout and favor neutral element guns. She does great with non-elemental guns and with Cryo. a standard 12 points in L&O is always a good idea (pick the middle one-pointers)
She does great with pistols, shotguns and snipers.

I’m starting a new Zero but am going for more of a pistol/shotgun/melee build:
Of course if you want to focus solely on snipers the Sniping tree is the way to go; however, the skills there work well with other weapons as well. Always try to attack rhe strongest enemy from Deception, and try to wait till the last second to do so- you’ll do a lot more damage. And if want to watch a real Zero master in action check out MoLMF’s Youtube channel- his BL2 vids are very educational for the novice Zero player…

A C/B Zero spec:

From that:
1: pick either two-fangs or fearless (or both) on your way to Death blossom (Death Blossom is a MUST)
2: If you want to use sniper rifles primarily, Put enough points in either OSOK or Velocity to reach At one with the gun and Critical ascention.

Two-Fangs will not work properly with guns that have a fire rate above 10
Velocity will mess with some gun’s firing pattern