We are Helix Gamers League!

We are battleborn HGL (Helix Gamers League)!! We are a dedicated group of gamers who want to see the battleborn community grow, and thrive in the competitive scene, for all platforms. So if you are interested in going for some kneecaps, and joining in on competitive fun don’t hesitate to join our Tournaments and discord channel: Discod: https://discord.gg/0zDscomrrfoWrEGb

You can sign up for tournaments here: Battlefy link https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league

DISCORD INFO: Have a problem with a rule? Go discuss it in Community rule discussion most times out of none some one from management will talk to you about it.

Free Agent Roundup, A monthly event held by Management and Admins at HGL where HGL staff will help players that are not on a team get on a team.

LFT: Channel that canb be used for players looking for a team
And many more including ones where staff ask for your opinion or input about something new.

Tournament info: PS4 Tournaments are held on Saturdays at 7:00PM EST for NA and 7:00 PM CET for EU

Xbox One Tournaments are held on Fridays at 7:00 PM EST for NA

PC Tournaments are held on Saturdays at 7:00 PM EST for NA and 7:00 PM CET for EU

ROTATING GAME MODES: Incursion one week and Meltdown the next NO CAPTURE


What are the HGP?

A HGP is a Helix Gamers Point. You earn points by finishing in the top 4. These points are used for standings so the top 16 in points standings go to the finals.