We are not your beta-testers. Please, get your own


I want to purchase a game knowing what I’m getting. If there’s an infinite grenade build for a character, it should have been put in the game intentionally.


You do realize that many game franchises make changes often to help better the gameplay experience right? This is not a new thing. There are some big bugs that I can agree, should have been found early and not been in the game at release. But it sounds to me like you are just upset that the build you like is being adjusted to align with what the developers originally had in mind. Which means that they are making the changes to make things work as intended. I think you will survive :slight_smile:


All my characters are level 50, excluding an extra fl4k a created to test a pet build, and none of them are running builds that are cenetered heavily around any of the things that got nerfed.

I am pointing out that this game, with as much hype that was behind it, should have gone through testing that tested out what builds could be found, the synergy between skills and skill trees and what balance needed to be found, and what skills needed to be buffed to be made viable in end game.

And these changes, like the 50% hp to pets and Iron Bear, only shows that the developers probably don’t play their own game, as these two things make little to no difference.


So when Gbx buffed a lot of legendaries during BL2’s Loot Hunt event, they were beta-testing?


Fair point. I agree that much of this stuff should have been ironed out before the games release. I think we can both agree that complaining about everything isn’t very healthy for the community or for the game itself.

Sounds like promotional events. As for the constant and continual left and right nerfs and buff to EVERYTHING does make one feel like it is beta testing…


Contrary to your reply, it is healthy. Lets one know that they are not alone in whatever matter is afflicting them and allows for answers and patches to be remedied.

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Minor tweaks to base damage, reload speed, crit bonus; are one thing. The changes they just implemented on the Flakker completely change the gun and its use. The drastic reduction of rate of fire to certain Jakobs guns, the drastic reduction to zoom level on Dahl snipers, the drastic increases in base damage to random weapons; all point to a complete lack of pre-release testing. I feel that’s a legitimate cause for frustration on behalf of the consumer.


They should relinquish control and ownership when the game is sold to the consumer.
Only in video games do you pay for something that you dont own.
These cut rate developers are selling us unfinished games and using us as testers only we dont get paid we actually pay these ass hats!
Video games has gone downhill in the last 10 years.
Online gaming has ruined games in general


I grew up playing fighting games. The most broken of games that I can recall playing competitively was Marvel Vs Capcom 2. There were things in the game you just had to “deal” with. Some characters were amazing, but over half the characters on the roster were absolute garbage in comparison. I actually think patching games and fixing obviously broken things is perfectly fine. Some companies just go way overboard. BL3 is getting to that point.


Unfortunately I haven’t seen a game developer that hasn’t gone overboard with patches and nerfs they think need to be done while completely ignoring what players want.
These game developers of today have a god complexity and think they are our masters in some way. Nothing but control freaks


While I have nothing against the necessary “tweak” here and there, I must admit that this seems excessive. I agree that it feels like the consumer is being used to test the game. They aren’t making minor tweaks, they’re drastically changing things left and right; and it’s getting tiresome. I’m ready to just hang this game up for a couple months and try again once they’ve figured everything out. I’m apprehensive to continue farming for gear, and building characters around said gear, only to have everything change again. It’s so sad that it’s come to this, because I do love these games, but this is honestly more frustrating than it is rewarding right now.


I agree with you guys, these changes are just getting ridiculous and stupid now. Every time you think maybe you can move forward they come out with some off the wall sh*t and just dissapoint everyone again. Yet, make it totally obvious that they really could care less about anything we have to say. Awesome. The nerfs are just getting stupid now, and honestly playing those builds/weapons is what you need for something like M3 and not everyone is playing how a youtuber plays, which they base these fixes from. It’s really frustrating and every time you find something “new” that might make it not so bad? they nerf that too. This game was clearly garbage when it was released, yet they had how many years to fix this? but the release garbage, tease us with it, and nerf it. Stupid. A few fixes is fine, but this is just getting to be too much now, every week its this laundry list of crap. makes you just not want to play it anymore.


i would love to see an answer from gearbox about why iron bear is so useless in mayhem 3 im wondering if they are going to answer the truth which is “we never bothered to play in mayhem 3 using iron bear because why should we ? when we can just release the game and wait for the community feedback”.


They need to be held accountable for this blatant use of customers as testers.
I think we should all get the season pass for free as a thank you for doing thier f-ing job!


While I agree they should have noticed some flaws before release, I do think they should patch it.
Just because they did screw up doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to correct their mistakes.

Pretty much right on. If they took a cue from the Japanese, it would quell the anger a bit. In Monster Hunter World, the developers make videos for nearly every change they make. They explain their reasoning and why it needed to happen. And sometimes they actually apologize. I know that’s crazy. Most of the time it’s something the really don’t even need to be apologizing for.


Using statistical data as grounds for balancing changes and community bug reports for bug fixes isn’t “using us as testers”.
It’s games-as-a-service 101. It allows them to push out a game in schedule and make changes to it afterwards if there are further problems. I dunno, would you have preferred it if they pushed the release for all platforms back several months because a perfectly playable game had a few hick-ups that were tough to root out?

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Keep making excuses for thier poor business practices


It’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation. And whether it’s a poor business practice or not, it’s essentially industry standard nowadays and you can either accept that it’s a thing or you can keep on complaining and still have to live with it. And it’s not like the game’s a buggy mess that belongs in early access at best to begin with.