We blew it but it's not too late!

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The recent Humble Bundle sale brought a lot of new players to Battleborn on PC. Unfortunately, the skill gap on PC is ridonculous and I’m pretty sure all the n00bs got curb stomped by CR100. I’m guilty of doing it too :disappointed:. Now the player count is low again and heading back toward abysmal. Meltdown and (especially) Capture queue times are back to being very very sad :sob:. My apartment is absolutely spotless because of all the cleaning I have time to do while waiting for pug matches. My only hope for decent queue times is in a 3+ person pre-made and then I end up playing against the same people over and over. While not boring it’s just not as interesting as more variety would afford. At about day 2 it dawned on me that all that curb stomping I’d been participating in was antithetical to my desire for a healthier and more robust PC community and I started doing things differently. But clearly, given the player drop off, it wasn’t enough.

The n00bs were beaten to a bloody pulp and they won’t be coming back anytime soon unless we (the PC community) do something about it. So here is my idea. If you are a >= CR40 and participated in curb stomping Humble Bundle n00bs and have a :heart: go through your match history and post a comment on their profile inviting them back to the game and encourage them to join the forums and/or discord. Friend them and group up w/ them for PvE and PvP and don’t be a jerk!

I think that lot of the bad experiences players are having is coming from other players, not the game itself, and that’s something you/we can do something about. Specifically in the Humble Bundle case, for n00bs to match up against a CR100 pre-made and get curb stomped is not fun for them. Yes you can blame the match making but it’s moot because there simply aren’t enough active players on PC for match making to perform any better than it does w/o even longer queue times. So because you and I know this to be the case we are in a position to behave differently when playing with and against low CR players who are obviously new to the game.



@JoeKGBX or @Jythri please make available more match history so that we can get access to the matches during the Humble Bundle sale so that we can reach out to the n00bs we curb stomped in order to make amends. Thanks!

I know this is a Steam/PC problem but I’ve posted this here because due to the tireless efforts of the mods and the well adjusted regulars this forum is Shangri-La compared to the toxic hell-scape that is the Battleborn Steam forums.


I think we just need a below level 20 mm. It might slow things down, but it might end up even helping mm more than hurting.

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Frustrating thing happening a lot on Steam right now with PvE is people disconnecting before Character selection.
Always, and I mean always, happens when the game can only find one player for your match.
The you see they disconnected but at this point you can’t get out until the character selection screen.


Sorry but it is too late.
Statistically, when people leave a game because they had a bad experience, they don’t return.

There are far too many other things to occupy their attention. These are not people who spent a lot of money, they aren’t invested. They won’t “threaten to leave in the forums”. They just disappear.

I am speaking based on statistical experience and exit interview with actual BB users. (yes, I am weird like that).

Perhaps you will get another chance when and if GBX goes F2P. Perhaps not.


My apartment is absolutely spotless because of all the cleaning I have time to do while while waiting for pug matches


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That’s a good idea. A level 4 just has no chance against a level 40+ except in extreme conditions. Had a match last night where I was the only CR100, we had a CR4 and CR6 vs a 4 man CR100 and a random CR100.

I played a support role to help the noobs and we didn’t get slaughtered even though we had a quitter 5 to 10 minutes in. But I could see the low CRs struggling while familiarizing themselves with the game. Going down a dean end on the map, running into walls when trying to run away, getting melted by the sentry, rushing too far ahead…


As a Humble Bundle lvl 20 who was steam rolling lvl 100s on a regular basis I can tell you why I’m not playing Battleborn anymore:

  1. Game is poorly optimised and runs like crap on my GTX970 i5 4690k (very inconsistent fps that can go as high as 120 and as low as 30). This is the worst thing you can have in a fast paced game like this.
  2. People leave matches on a whim without any sort of penalty

Fix these 2 issues and I will come back to playing the game. If not then I’ve got plenty other games I can play.


This is what i keep preaching. This game will stay dead until GBX fixes the optimization.

The optimization issues are a legitimate criticism. Fortunately, Battleborn is a “living game”. Every week hot fixes are released on Thursdays (there will always be a “Battleplan” post on the forums detailing the hot fix changes) and major patches seem to be on a monthly schedule. So I encourage you to check-in weekly to see if the problem you are having have been fixed. I used to (it just died today :sob:) run a 760TI and I had to run w/ medium to low settings to get decent to good frame rates depending on the map.

Deal. I’ll keep an eye out for that “our game doesn’t run like sh!t anymore” patch.

Once a player quits a game they can’t play in any other mode or match until the game they quit ends. Additionally, the game has an in-game reporting feature to deal w/ chronic quitters and other types of unsavory behavior. You can read about it here.

I’m not hoping or expecting that the majority of the Humble Bundlers will come back. It’s more of zero cost mindset because the worse thing that can possibly happen if we engage in this exercise is that we are ignored. In the best case we bring some people back and some is better than none.

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I thought so too, but multiple people have been saying you can in PvP, just not PvE.

At any rate, while I appreciate the thought, it is way too late for this. And it will continue to be a problem as long as there are people more interested in padding their kill counts than growing a community.


Yeah, pretty much too late unfortunately. PC numbers are back down to topping off at 1,000 or so. In a couple weeks it’ll probably be back down to were it was before the big humble bundle sale. Fact of the matter is people don’t stick around for long in this game.

I’d be willing to bet the consoles don’t aren’t faring as wonderful as some people seem to think also. This game just isn’t newbie friendly. At all.

You can actually start a new match when you leave… you just have to press “NO” when the game ask if you want to rejoin the match you just left. Works on both PVE and PVP

This is not a solution but lip service to the community. I can bet my top dollar that they haven’t warned/temp/perma banned a single person because of afk/leaving. With the game having 1k people online at peak times you would’ve noticed a change if they started banning leavers (as in having fewer matches with leavers which is clearly not the case).

Leaving a match will shorten its duration from the usual 30 mins to like 15 mins or less if more people start leaving. Basically I can leave a match go make myself a coffee come back and re-queue again.

What an actual solution looks like: game keeps track of how many games you left. If your leaver % goes above a certain threshold (let’s say 5%) you automatically get a penalty e.g.no xp until leaver % goes back to under 5% or you can queue up only against other leavers/afkers until leaver % normalises.

And I don’t think it needs to be. Battleborn is a smart game for smart gamers and it’s just not going to be everybody’s cup of tea and we have to be okay w/ that.

In a lot of ways Battleborn reminds me of the original Borderlands (another Gearbox game) where it was derided by some in the gaming press for its art style/direction and thread bare story (i.e., it was not another COD or Battlefield just like in today’s reality where Battleborn is being derided for not being Overwatch). But it found an audience despite the negativity directed at it. Now people talk about Borderlands as a “classic” and “genre defining” and a whole host of other lovely adjectives that were missing from the mouths and keyboards of those who had nothing positive to say when it was first released.

Battleborn doesn’t need to be the top seller or be on the Steam top 10 to be successful. It just needs a robust and healthy player base where queue times are not insane and the people playing the game are having fun. And if that excludes people who are repelled by a game w/ depth that’s fine by me.


I’ve heard whispers around this here forums (don’t remember the specific thread) that GBX is taking the reporting seriously but given that the feature is only ~ 21 days old it doesn’t seem unreasonable that there aren’t massive bans because the point is to identify chronic abusers, not simply anyone who quits for any reason.

The PS4 community seems dead as well, matchmaking times can be up to 30min (if I’m lucky). Had a friend who were interested in the game, sadly I just couldn’t recommend it because of that.

However, when I’m finally in a match the game shines like the star it is, and I really enjoy myself (despite some swearing, of course). But something must be done about the matchmaking, more than once I’ve been on a squad of people all bellow CR30 against a premade squad of people all at CR100, suffice to say, my teammates often don’t stay for long, I’m thickheaded enough that I don’t give up. However just as many times I’ve gone against a so called CR100 “master of Caldarius” only to utterly kick their mechanical butt.

I enjoy the game, I really do, but the long matchmaking is killing it for me.

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The biggest community thats suffering right now is the Australia/New Zealand community.

Minimal servers, constant red bar connections, poor matchmaking and no communication from any dev in a month.

I really enjoyed the game but these consistent issues mixed with an apparent black out of an entire market has made me put this game away.

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