We Can 1 Shot Graveward Mayhem 3 Without Using A Bug


What rocket launcher is that

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It’s a burning scourge rocket launcher

Awesome whereabouts does that drop. I need to be able to farm that quick lol takes me 10 minutes to kill graveward on mayhem 3

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How is he able to instantly leave IB?

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It’s a random drop unfortunately. I got mine from farming voracious canopy TVHM Mayhem 3. You can farm that with moze grenades while you’re afk doing something else and comeback and pick up the loot and rinse and repeat. Need ice in order to get the units to duplicate

Brilliant. I’m going to have to try and replicate this.

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When graveward causes the map to tilt it kicks you out of IB. Very possible that there are other things that do the same, but I’m not sure what they are


Shooting the hand causes more damage and can always play around with higher modifiers pretty smoothly. Can play around with those options if the chest shot isn’t working out too well

Kindly stop reading my mind please. Lol. I noticed that about his hand pretty early on, and considering it’s always his second move after tilting the stage and a way easier shot that was my plan. Lining up that chest shot just right is a bit too tech for my attention span.

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Hey man, great minds think alike lol. It’s a fun concept to play around with and see how much power you can get out of a character.

I’ll drop a like just for the music sync. Also, thanks for showing your spec’s and gear used for this. Great video.

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I had too many videos without Ricardo in it lol, glad you enjoyed the video!

Loool your mod is a weapon It’s seem that you cheating or it’ s a bug ?

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It’s a visual bug lmao. I wish it actually had some effect would be fun to play around with.