We Can Complete Slaughter Shaft Mayhem 3 TVHM Solo

We’ve been changed up quite a bit over the past 2 weeks.There’s a bit of build diversity floating around that can still work out pretty well. There are a couple different builds that still feel good to play this Gamma Burst one I call The S4GE is one of them.

If you want to see a quick breakdown of the build:

If you want to see the run:

Have an empty gun slot and can crit swap and 1 shot graveward still in this set up or just use a molten lyuda so it can farm pretty well also. Still testing out against all the bosses but It’s probably just a case of using the right gun. Interested to see what change up you guys would make and how my fellow Fl4ks are doing and looking forward to with next weeks nerfs (I’m joking on that last bit, hopefully lol).

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Awesome, thanks!

I never tried a gamma build before and I have some questions:

a) How do you get your cooldowns so low? It looks like five seconds in your second video. Does Eager to Impress work during the active Game Burst phase?
b) Why did you chose Atomic Aroma over Empathic Rage?

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I was pretty much a crit guy for most of the time and ended up trying out some new things as the patches were coming in hoping for some options that were at least on par and was able to get a good gamma set up going once the gear was put together.

a) Gamma Burst is real buggy for me sometimes. I’ve consistently seen the cooldown of around 5 seconds. Eager To Impress doesn’t activate inside the burst typically but sometimes it can end up bugging it to where your gauge doesn’t move or you have it faster. I’ve gotten the gauge not moving portion much more often lol

b) With the pet bonuses that you’ll end up getting as you go through the tree you’ll have about 150% extra pet damage (50% comes from The Power Inside) even though it’s not the focus of the build. Atomic Aroma applies these damage increases. With the combination of the aura t, dot tick from the effect applying, and the explosion on kill, it ends up beating the empathic rage’s 20% gun damage.

The inconsistent cooldown rates are due to either the respec bug or the guardian perk topped off.

When you have topped off your cd comes back extremely fast when your shield is full compared to when it’s down in battle.

You can test this by breaking your shield and keeping it down during the cd of gamma burst.

When I had full shields my cd was 5 sec whereas when they were down my cd was around 17 sec with my equipment.

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Awesome to know, thanks for clarifying.