We can one crit the boss phases with the scourge

hello fellow operatives as confirmed by many videos and tests myself, the scouge rocket launcher can take good advantage of amp from rerouter 120% barrier 25% and cold bore’s multiplicative 30% and crit the bosses!

all vault bosses except troy have large crit hitboxes so this will work on tyreen rampager and graveward. if you find the scourge with fire element it is a big time keeper if not explosive version will do or radiation in fact no ■■■■■■■■ modifiers aside, it can do stupid damage when timed right. tagets will be graveward’s centarl crit, rampagers rib cage and on destroyer exposed tyreen. you can get 2 shots off with this launcher if you invest in any mag size buffs, switch back and fourth between shots to gain cold bore bonus for both shots.

even if you do not get most of it and miss the crit it will still do good damage and aid your flakker or lyuda to extremely quick kills. ( again for some idiots i have to clarify by quick i do not mean fla4k or annoyinted phaseslam synergy quick) decent under minute kills to under 2 minute kills. and if you want to complain about killing mayhem vault boss under minute or two being long, you should not be playing this game or at least zane.