We could use a company statement here about patch scheduling

The current state of your game is kind of discouraging. We have second hand info that your major patch and restructuring of your game is postponed. I know that schedules for these things are tentative and subject to change as issues pop up…but it would be a positive thing to hear from you with perhaps your new tentative date?

Thanks for any info.


It is really sad that there is still no comment here in GB’s own forum. We first had to be informed about other websites through what is now. Some people can understand why it is only posted on Twiter and Co., but I can not understand why there is nothing after hours here in the forum. Then what is the forum actually for? If even the developers speak up on important topics like this, here at the fans (customers). Actually, something like that shouldn’t be too much, but understandable.


I mean its kinda funny because we didn’t have had a patch at the end of the month and now the patch gets postponed.

Well i hope at least that this time they really take this patch serious and release that patch in a state that does not cause more bugs appear than they patched!

Kinda bummed how gearbox uses the protests against police violence caused by the death of George Floyd.
I mean if you reflect on it they dont help the protest with what they are doing in any way but its a good excuse for them instead of saying yeah we messed up our schedule.


Yeah, I’m struggling with this one. Got my second anniversary badge today and it feels hollow. Posted a good bye photo of the Cartels before discovering the delay had been announced on Twitter. It’s great what they are doing for BLM but i’m struggling with the alienation of this community (their community), many of which (including myself) who have been practically holding our breath until this patch came out with the hope that it will resolve serious ingame problems for many.


I too feel ambivalent about the decision to postpone.

I enthusiastically support GBX’s clear stance on racial justice - they did a much better job crafting their response and their statement than, say, the NFL.

The extra $1M donation makes perfect sense because it actually does something. But how does delaying a content release move the cause forward? In other words, what is the marginal value of that action over and above the company making a substantial monetary donation and issuing an unambiguous public statement?

I’m honestly curious about what the reasoning was for this, because I don’t understand it.


Good questions. I feel like all this increases the pressure for them to hit a home run with the patch. I’m not sure I want to be around to see what happens if they don’t.



I can accept that.

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Maybe GBX only remembers the forum when they have no idea what they should do next and need ideas :sweat_smile:

Would explain why so many QoL requests got added after GBX screwed up first :rofl:

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Dude seriously they totally got their mayhem modifiers from super old crusty old reddit threats

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Yeah I still don’t get why the big head modifier is a thing :joy:

I honostly thought it was a joke :rofl:


I agree an ETA would be good.

I can’t see how a game company delaying a patch could possibly make a lick of difference to the incidence of police violence, but whatever. Even if it makes no difference, their heart’s in the right place. And given their recent track record, it’s surely a good thing that they’ve got more time to try and get this patch right before they release it.

An ETA would still be nice though.


I and I think one other suggested it many times when mayhem was first created along with others chiming in on low grav and floor is lava. It goes great with the crit hit very hard modifier. However I understand it can be intrusive to actual game play. I actually love to play with it goofing around. Just wish it was ‘select-able’ along with the other ‘fun’/‘funny’ modifiers.

I would experiment with the modifiers more if I could pick each one.
Re-rolling can take forever to get the ones I like and don’t consider intrusive.
I avoid big head because it is visually intrusive, would like to have fun with it without worrying about getting my normal modifier set back.


…laughing… good one.

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Now the waiting game begins.

Maybe if there is anyone playing by then we will get a statement from them. Maybe.

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Infinity ward have confirmed the update for modern warfare (which was delayed for the same reasons as the borderlands patch) will release this week - exactly a week after it should have.

Any word about the borderlands patch?

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It also obscures crit spots on heavies. I used it with holy crit when m2 came out but it just gets in the way.

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