We could use some more backpack space

Hey guys! With the coming mayhem 2.0, and additional modifiers we could really use some more back pack space. I’m not exactly sure what the new modifiers will be, but it would be nice to have more back pack space in general, so that we can be better equipped for any situation or modifiers that may come. I know I’d personally like to be able to carry 100 different items or more, and this would allow us to keep things more organized, instead of having gear across 10 different mules for one character. Thanks for listening guys and have a good day!


I’d like to have 8 or so “dedicated slots” in the backpack where we could keep alternate gear that we regularly use (which would be a total second loadout per VH) that was somehow designated separately from the rest of our “backpack haul” that we get doing runs and picking up new stuff.

I don’t want to accidentally sell something (or bank it) that I use on the regular.


I’m in… been saving up in-game cash and just waiting for that one SDU slot to light back up.

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I think I might’ve filled up a backpack once…

My only objection is having additional overpriced SDUs hanging about. It’s irritating enough having the Bank one there, and it only needs to be completed once.

Yes! Two separate weapon/grenade/COM/Artifact loadouts that you can select with one button to change between. Might want to have the slots in each loadout capable of overlapping content, since you may not want to change everything when you switch. I would also bump the backpack to at least 60, or add a Junk container where each item uses less space so that the “active” backpack isn’t cluttered up with trash that you know that you will sell.

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Interesting in how our playstyles differ.

I fill my backpack with every possible item (to sell them; this includes whites and greens as well as blues and purples) until I’ve maxed out all my SDUs on every character.

I’m “picking up cash” in essence.

When they raised the bank cap, I actually ONLY picked up items below blue quality, as I used the loot machine to gather/hold higher quality items (though if there as actually a good legendary I’d pick that up and tag as favorite just so I wouldn’t sell it).

Probably a habit from my WoW days…but I always pick up and sell trash until there’s literally no reason to do so. (Not saying I’m doing it right and you’re doing it wrong; we just use a different tactic to gearing up our guys).


Yes please!

Funnily enough, my own inventory management habits have been cultivated by numerous RPGs and MMORPGs over the years. Having run into various inventory limits time and again I finally got fed up and learned to stop picking up every stray bit of garbage. I try to avoid pyramid scheme crafting systems. And I ignore consumables as much as possible.

And thus I get to laugh at my friends and their constant inventory problems far more often than they get to laugh at me for missing out on something due to my conservative scavenging habits.

In this game, actual cash drops are a FAR more efficient source of cash than wasting time on greens and whites. Even moreso with a cash grenade.

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Well, you’re definitely right for cash grenades. I used this beaut for every single playthrough I’ve done (got each character up to next to max SDU for all SDU options at around lvl 17-19).

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I’m down on backpacks these days as when I logged on last week to check the new buffs I found my FL4K’s backpack emptied, 0 of 40 items in there, disappeared.

I’m working with Gearbox Support as I type this and not hopeful I’ll get the items back. They wanted to know exactly what was in there and I have no way to know. I only keep legendaries now, so it had an assortment of gear that I swap out depending on what I’m doing.

I had heard previously that items were disappearing from vaults, but not backpacks, so not sure if I’m the only one this has happened to or not. The only thing I asked Gearbox to explain is if they have a clue as to how this happens. I hadn’t played for a week up until discovering this so the latest hotfix came and went.