We create a story, one sentence at a time

The title says it all. I’ll bring up a sentence and your job will be to create a sentence of your own.

During the first day of December, a father of two named Hugh G. Rection was at home.

Hugh G. Rection had a son named Skater McGee who wanted to be the best tax attorney in all the land, the land of goldfish and limes.

Then this sentence appeared.

The sentence just so happened to have given Skater McGee a brilliant idea.

Then Bruce Campbell appeared to kick some ass.

This sentence will not allow such thing to happen.

As Bruce Campbell disappeared from existence, Skater suddenly got a call from his pal John Johnson.

“Skater, my weasel is on fire, can you help?”

But in reality, that fire is on weasel!

And the weasel while it was burning said “I am your…”

“…Monkey Overlord, but only on Wednesdays.”

But the weasel just realized that he’s not a monkey, if not a Mutant Ultimate Super Jumbo Hyper Badass Weasel from Outer Space who came to earth to strip…

-it of it’s nearly limitless supply of free pornography, because Pandora porn isn’t exactly the best.

the weasel discovered along with his oyster and redwood friends the darkest part of the ECHONet, the deep Echo…

…girls out of their socks so he can make a stained glass window about Willy Wonka out of them.

meanwhile, Hugh. G Rection was observing the chain of events the entire time, and it reaction he-


To which his son replied; “Nice meme, Dad.”

Soon after-

Soon after, the TV turned on, everyone went silent as they listened to an ominous broadcast… “We here at Channel 18 and 2/4 have breaking news, it has just been confirmed that The Quickening approaches”.

As the news spread that the quickening approached people started to arm themself to the teeth with ham.