We create a story, one sentence at a time

And then that Arsehole from the Pre Sequel tutorial comes in and-

Butthead grabs a gun, pulls the trigger, and shoots Flameknuckle in the dick; he says “Woah,” then laughs and says how cool that was.

Little did he know that Flamenuckle’s dick is a Nukem, witch promptly fires back at Butthead.

Butthead flies back many feet into a wall, and says “Uh… That sucked!”

The Wall just lost that other brick that its so well known for.

Dr. Ted appears and shoots him with the Doctor’s Orders. The random effect was…
See post below

ACNAero leaves thread because he’s f*cking sick of seeing ted everywhere on the forums.


Dr. Who appears and shoots him with the Doctor’s Orders. The random effect was…

Edit: @ACNAero: Better?

Edit the second: List of “official” effects inbound but others are 100% ok.
Non negotiable effect: Bullets are shaped like syringes

Negotiable effects: random effects per trigger pull (explosive, acid DOT, Shock DOT, Fire DOT, Slag/Cyro DOT, Singularity gravity effect, dud (no effect) but slightly increased damage for “bullets”)

Yes, better.

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Good :heart:
Added list of gun’s effects is you wish to choose one.

Wile E. Coyote effect.

Elaborate please. What does it do?

Randomized choice of spawning a cliff for you drop into, explosives in your pockets to go off with no reason, or the recoil of any projectile to launch you instead of the projectile itself.

The recoil from the blast causes Dr. Who to travel back in time to the year 123 where there was a giant wiki troll.
Dr. Who…

Found his cousin; Dr. Whoa.

Then Melt Banana appeared and made everyone deaf.

After that, it turns out this whole story was in the mind of a 9 year old boy; standing at a crossroad, unable to determine whether he should turn left to his mother, or right to his father…

Extended sentence using ; . Finally i could use it.

But was he the dream, the dreamer or both?

He was the dreamer. At least, i think thats how the movie was.