We deserve an Update regarding the Winter Update

repeat We deserve an Update regarding the Winter Update. Release Date, Tentative Release Date, I dont care. With the battleplan coming out tomorrow I am expecting to hear, stay tuned as we will be back after the New Year,as we will be celebrating the holidays with the family, etc…

Winter officially doesn’t start until Dec. 21st and there are a lot of games currently that are having Holiday Events going on, or they have released new content, and what do us Battleborn Badasses have? A Month old, now moldy Carrot Dangling over our heads, a 2hr stream that teased us with footage, but no official word.

Last night I played solo pvp (PS4), besides the long que times, I was paired up with all 105s and I went up against mainly below lvl 50s, besides a game against Droolzillla. This is getting stale, quicker than not tying up the bread bag.


I’m inclined to go easy on them, myself. A big patch is coming, it’ll probably be pretty impressive and give us quite a bit to do, and yeah it’s overdue but the game is having a rocky time. I never expected to see the majority of what’s confirmed with this update.

That said, I’m not playing the game any more and haven’t done so regularly for weeks, so I guess it’s easier for me to be patient. Doesn’t feel like it makes much difference now whether I wait a week or a month. I can understand why people who have yet to walk away might be more impatient for the change to come soon.

Even so… it’s a big patch. I want to give them space to implement it right. No more zero score bugs, haha


Gearbox hasn’t had a video trend on YouTube in forever, which is sad.
Make this happen. :acmaffirmative:


So if you are not playing the game anymore, why are you active on the forums? I am just curious if the game doesnt have your attention anymore why would this? (not going to get into an argument with you if you respond or ignore, I honestly just want to know)

I plan on coming back after the Winter update, plus I like you guys. :slight_smile:


so if the winter update came out tomorrow you would be back?

Pretty much! I still enjoy the game, but my region (Australia) is especially troubled with lag and population issues. My hope is that the patch will help alleviate both. Even if not, I want to get Mellka to level 20 and experience the game with improved console performance.

If I had green bar games and the North American playerbase, I’d probably still be playing now, but that’s not the reality for me. No patch can fix that. :confused:

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If they have any hope of looking good in the March tournament, they should implement this patch in December. I think they would want as much time and data as possible to work out the kinks.

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Oh yeah, I played the other night with Silf and I dont know how you guys can play with Red Bars…

All the dittos.

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…I have never forgotten about that and it bugs me that you have that problem.
btw Did you know Australia won’t let people there buy my wood rice bowls?
Lot’s of Vegans are really upset, so there you have it, stress exists on both ends. :wink:

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The soonest is January 12.

There will be a twitch reveal about Beatrix, and she is part of the update. Usualy, the early release is the week after a reveal.

The 5th Versus mode could be locked or unlocked. The update could have the 3rd dlc hidden, ready to be unlocked, like Toby’s.

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sources? Or speculating? While I would like all of it in the winter update. I seriously doubt they are going to add everything in and have things hidden like the Attikus, Toby. Seems like the overhaul to UI and Game mechanics, balance would take precedent over the DLC and the 30th BB.

Getting New players and keeping them and old players playing again would be a high priority in my opinion. Especially since, they are going to be pushing the marketplace and micro transactions, for leveling with the update… (popping consumables)

When there’s a solid date, we’ll hear about it.



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I’m in a similar position as Eden. I’m only here for the discussions because after not playing any other games for months I stopped accumulating knowledge and wanted to move to a new experience. I still come back if invited or any big changes though

In reply to this

They’re somewhat right about this. Bea will come a week after the reveal. Precedence secures that. But previously, we’ve had characters included in patches that were unlocked a week or two after the patch went live. Precedence should dictate that the 12th is likely the latest

We know there is a very high chance it’s in the game. If it is, it could be available or unavailable. The lack of a stream for the new mode makes me lean towards the latter.

There’s nothing to go against this being true. There’s only a slim precedence to say this is true. We shall see

Was that a decent explanation? I hope so…

I think they’re really asking for something a bit more narrow than what’s currently over 3 months of the year. Patience can be difficult when the last update was over two months ago and we have no real idea when the next is. Especially when they hyped us up so much and did such a great job and now we’re like children looking through the shop window


Gearbox tend to not post info unless they are sure that it’s going to happen. Giving projections leads to disappointment or even anger if they don’t get reached.


They have already streamed the information, so not sure how by asking for an update on the update should be hush hush…

Another thing: normally the stream a week in advance of a release… but not this time? That would mean that Gearbox isnt following your own words

The question is regarding dates. Until there is a firm date, we’ll just have to wait.

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