We deserve an Update regarding the Winter Update

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Unfinished lore of course…


I’m sorry, but I have no recollection at all of developers holding fairly regular live video updates of what they were doing to a game in the “early 2000s”. Heck, regular balancing and improvement updates were still pretty much exclusive to the realm of PC gaming at that time and all you would get were text notes on the patch.

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Many of us have been here before and know the drill.

We got a very awesome 2 hour stream last week (possibly one of best ones to date @JoeKGBX @ElisaRockDoc @Jythri), which outlined pretty much everything that is coming. There was also a very good chunk of lore included in the Battleplan (which I have compiled a write up of).

We know its coming, we know it is going to be awesome. I certainly don’t speak for everyone, but I don’t feel like I need to demand anything more than what they have already given us since last week.

It’s also the holiday season, and many people are either winding down or are already on holiday until early next year. Looking at the amount of work that was put into this upcoming update, I really hope the Gearbox devs ARE taking some time off.

I think in the stream they mentioned that the next stream will be in January which will be about Beatrix. Due to the way game updates work, she will more than likely be included in the next patch, and while her files could be there but disabled until her official release, generally these 2 things tend coincide within a couple of weeks of each other, meaning I’d still place the patch for January if I were guessing.

They can still totally choose to drop it next week, but any later and you hit the Christmas - New Years area, and no one should be having to work during that period (unless you are one of those brave souls in retail).

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I don’t think we’re getting Beatrix in the Winter Update. What we saw on the stream was surely the dev build, as it showed a game mode that I also don’t believe will come with the Winter Update.

I could well be wrong, but I’d be extremely surprised if they didn’t release all these features at intervals.

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…Crackin up :smile:

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Thank you everyone for the knowledge, input and entertainment. Looking forward to the Battleplan later today.

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It’s definitely getting its own stream. And they always release the character a week after the stream, and the character is usualy in the patch beforehand. So this sounds likely


And I as well

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Thanks, @lowlines! You’re right on point with this note.

That said, I will give you guys an update.

We are in that odd phase now where we’ve been wrapped up on features for weeks, we’ve spent time crushing bugs and adding polish, and now we’ve submitted to certification on all platforms.

As I’ve mentioned a few times before with this community, certification is a non-negotiable part of the testing and approval process before release. It’s also somewhat of a random thing, as at any point Microsoft or Sony can decide that some seemingly small issue of compliance becomes a Must Fix. That does have the advantage of creating a better product for more customers, but it has the drawback of delaying the release days or weeks. Add in that the holidays are often the busiest time for the testing teams and …well. It can be a frustratingly random and lengthy process.

We want this update in your hands as soon as possible. We would also like to assure that it’s as stable as we can reasonably make it. And, as you learned in the stream…it’s one of the biggest updates we’ve ever done.

We will update you as we can, but as of now, the best ETA we can state is “winter”. We would love to release it before the holidays, but it very well may slip into January.

We will try and keep you all posted.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Very stupid question
Battleborn Winter Update (OFFICIAL NEWS)
Battleplan 31: 12/15/16
Battleplan 31: 12/15/16
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Your posting this is very much appreciated.

No offense, but you may want to either link or repost this in the Battleplan 31: 12/15/16 thread. People are going to ask and this will help if they don’t check this thread first.

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Awesome, thank you very much for the update.

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Besides the awesome post, this is the most important line. Incredibly helpful as usualy, thanks

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If the update becomes certified before Christmas, is Gearbox prepared to roll it out without having to go through the usual “announce it on a Thursday but don’t release it until the following Thursday” schedule?

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Oh, this is a rather important question. How strict is their scheduling? If it (and all the necessary processing, everything) came through on a Tuesday, and they stopped working at 5 on Wednesday, do you think they would wait one to two weeks, or just release it on a Wednesday?

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There’s always a possibility there, but we have to weigh that against availability of staff to support the rollout as well. There are always one or two issues with every release, and we need to be sure we can support a solid release.

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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate you communicating candidly about this.

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don’t worry i’ll just post the announcement up on my site :stuck_out_tongue:

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No offense taken and this is a great idea. I’ve gone ahead and added a link to the BP. Thanks!

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thank you so much for this reply. It makes sense and it’s a bummer but thank you for giving us some explanation. I’ve been waiting for this update and even got a friend a copy of the game for the holidays hoping he’d be able to have the new tutorials and all characters. I’ll let him know it’s coming so we can both have some awesome battleborn adventures. thank you for all the hardwork

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This Thursday, 1/5/2017, would be a great time for an update.

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That’s funny.