We deserve an Update regarding the Winter Update

I would have waited to write something like this at least an extra day. lol

I’m thinking of the Update like this;

They wouldn’t tell us about it so far in advance without it being in the very near future (week or 2), it’s been 1 week since the stream reveal so if it’s not this week I’m thinking next week…


The Holidays are around the corner; such a big update may require people to be working in order to take care of any potential mishaps introduced with a new major update. This may not be possible due to the Holidays soooo it may be wiser to wait till AFTER the New Year and have everybdy back at work.

So yeah, I’m confused on what actually makes sense since there are contradicting ideas going on.

Who knows? They may want to spring the update on us without warning as a Christmas gift??


YES! exactly I am pretty sure you and I both agree that we understand that this update announcement with the Holidays is a messy situation.

Compared to other games IE: Battlefront, they had their plan for DLC a year in advanced. BF1-released new map and patch OW- Holiday event… COD- well not sure but who cares anyways lol. This time of the year is a great time to get new players and give current players something extra…

So, to ask for a tentative release date is better than the carrot dangling they have been doing for over a month, the live stream. This is a modern era of gaming, things that worked in the early 2000s doesnt work nowadays, there are too many options for players to play and go to. A little communication goes a long way. If anyone gets angry because they say a release date and then have to push it back (delays happen all the time).

I posted it a day earlier than the Battleplan in hopes that a DEV will see it and hopefully gives us an answer… I am okay with waiting till 2017 for this. I dont want it unless its ready.

Gearbox themselves said this is the largest patch they have ever done. But does everything need to be ready at once before they release it? Command and Character rank, all toons unlocked for example are things that can be hotfixed to give new and old players something now…

This dude has a disgusting Melka in his arsenal. I hate/love you!


YES he does Melka was all over the place flying around better than my Benny … I saw his name and figured you were running a group. I was in a pug and played a below average Benny. I just cant seem to get him to work like others can.


They won’t be able to gift new titles, making these ranks impossible to truly implement

If January 12th is accurate, I despair for the future of this game (even more than usual). When it was first revealed, I was sure, sure, that the plan must be to get it rolled out by Christmas so that the influx of new players will not only be welcomed by an improved game that they are more likely to enjoy, but also to bring back some of the playerbase so that Christmas newcomers feel an actual community presence rather than the increasingly long wait times even PS4 players are experiencing now.

I seriously hope they get this out by Christmas. The new players won’t stick around until January 12th with promises of a huge patch, they’ll move on if their immediate impression is a dud.


They’ll come back once the new patch gets released if they were looking forward to it. That’s never a problem. The problem is always on keeping those newcomers for long once a patch is implemented.

Considering the dwindling playerbase, I am surprised Gearbox even worked on a winter update. I thought that we where going to be dead in the water, and if they are willing to update the game, I am all for a wait time of 2-3 monthes. Not 1 year, but one large patch every 3 monthes. Granted, as a level 61, I HATE MATCHMAKING. I see less 25-50’s on my teams and a boat load of PO’d rank 5’s, leaving early, and effectively leaving battleborn. Its sad, and why I am willing to wait for the update.

However, Gearbox, Please Give us some patch notes as of now. If there are changes before release, just give us an updated patch notes. PLEASE GEARBOX, PATCH NOTES ARE AWESOME AND I WANT TO KNOW HOW BALANCING WILL BE.


As much as it is a missed opportunity not having themed seasonal content happening right now, I would personally prefer to have to wait until Jan for my next Battleborn fix because SRL/The Dawning is happening in Destiny right now and it has been a while since I’ve played much of it since I’ve been so focused on Battleborn and website updates. Did I mention I also have Dishonored 1&2 and the latest Tomb Raider sitting unopened on my table? The devs should take their time, get everything right and drop it during a quiet time where there isn’t as much stuff going on. :sunglasses:


And if they do do (hehehee do do) thats cool, tell us a tentative date. So tell us and like a butterfly that is let free if it comes back than its yours… or whatever that saying is

No date has been set because obviously there are still things that are in flux. Would people really be happy to get a “maybe” date if it forced the devs to drop fixing an issue such as the zero score bug in order to meet that promised approximation?

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But that’s the issue, and speculation. You have people saying they are not playing until the update. And current players having long waits in the ques…

Again I am sure if they informed us on issues or struggles and set a tentative date we would be more understanding if there were a delay to it. To fix things… after all this update basically ends the full release beta of the game.

Right now we have a few details and saw it, because of the stream, but no date. All the other streams had content launch a week later… this time nothing…

And let’s be honest they originally released the game with bugs in it, and new bugs will arise. It’s just nature.

Again just an update would be nice… nothing wrong with that.

Whoooooooooooooooooooooaaaa boy. Whoo. I don’t think you could be farther off. When they first started handling this game, they gave rough estimates. People RAGE when they were off. It’s better this way
I still kinda agree with you though. Actually, I would prefer a series of tantalizing hype-hope instilling pics of things to come. Like a torturous life giving drip feed
Like being water boarded in the desert
Gearbox loves the big simultaneous reveal but I think keeping people engaged and speculation going would work best


Okay then maybe they can just message me, so I can move on to a new game until the update… that’s not too much to ask is it??

Zelda delayed and people are okay… knowing the game will be better…

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Uh… can’t you do that anyways? (Some of us already have unfortunately)

Because Zelda games aren’t delayed then released with game breaking bugs…


Makes “calm down” gesture with hands.

You might get an answer tomorrow; don’t forget that Thursday is Battleplan day.


What’s stopping you from doing that right now?

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Unfinished lore of course…