We do not need Loot events or Lootifacts

…We need reasonable droprates.

Most of the time bosses drop nothing at all, not even during this event. To make the Shlooter work you have to be in mayhem 10 with lootsplosion on, and then it still is mostly stuff not worth keeping.
Artifacts is the worst. You can go through a whole map and not find a single legendary artifact. Not even with the Shlooter.

It very much smells like the droprates were only and solely nerfed to events and DLC more meaning. Which it still doesn’t

Are you so desperate GB? Is your content not selling anymore? Maybe think about making it more rewarding again, so people can have fun playing instead of grinding…

Doing Moxsy’s Zero to Hero challenge would be the most fun endgame content this game has seen for months - if it would turn into a chore or a mediocre dice rolling thanks to the abysmal drop rates.

Edit: What also would help is address a few old/and new bugs.
Bot/Pet getting stuck/disappearing
Actionskill not activating but going into cooldown
Actionskill cooldown getting stuck
Phase Orb spawning in the ground/ Clone getting stuck in the ground
Multiple UI issues in the inventory

THEN you might have something to truly celebrate…


We need quest items to get some buffs. LegendaryLands is boring and the only challenge is getting dedicated drops with a perfect roll


Dedicated drops have always been a bigger problem than world drops. In fact, I feel like all this nerf-release shlooter-nerf again cycle is just to try to draw attention away from the DD problem and the complete lack of any tangible work being done to fix it.

I posted this in another drop rate thread, and I still think this is the direction they need to go to fix this problem:


and FAR better drops from arms race… it’s realy boring to repeat the friggin thing over and over and over and over… and end up with crap items you’re not even going to extract (binary operator, clockwork rez, firefly, the low tier variants…)


Yes. I do not need more Gunerangs or Ducs and all that. That is nice during story but not for a M11 endgame build.


I feel like the drop rate would be reasonable if most of all items were viable but that’s simply not the case after 2 years most base game items that haven’t been properly buffed are pathetic.

99% of shield/grenade blue/purple are outclassed by legendaries and everyone seems to just think that’s how it should be?

The rarity system has lost all meaning in BL3 endgame
(white/green)= never touch
(blue/purple) = Meh
(legendary) = Amazing if M6+ Or a few rare cases


It’s just evolved into something better. If you want 1/1,000,000 legendaries, go play BL2.

You are missing the point, as many here do.

Understanding drop rates

First, the risk reward balance is completely off in this game now. If you do a boss like Tyreen you can end up with nothing at all while you can have an event of an artifact and can get legendaries with no effort at all. Drop rates do not scale with risk (only exception is Wotan) and neither do Vaultcard XP. That is one fundamental problem.

Second, and I have said this often: Being legendary in BL3 does not mean it is good gear.
The huge variety of gear and parts causes a significant rarity of good loot inside the percentage range of which legendaries can drop at all.
So if you got a 10% drop chance of a specific gear then the chance of getting a good roll (which goes for epic gear as well btw) of that gear is another 2.3% of that 10% meaning the chance that you go home with something is about 0.03 percent. That is an abysmal rate. Especially if you are doing a high risk boss.
This is simply not rewarding.
Even ten legendaries from a run with shlooter and lootsplosion may not be worth picking up for a M11 build that needs very specific gear.

Legendaries and drop rates are not comparable with other games in BL3.
If every single legendary item or even epic item would be something of high value for a variety of classes and builds then yes, the drop rates would be absolutely adequate, apart from the bosses which should always drop at least something worth doing the run. And I am not talking about eridium

The intended purpose of legendaries is irrelevant when the actual outcome of the system requires a completely different approach.

I’ve watched a video from killersix yesterday where he had to do 50 kills of the same boss just to get the one item he needs.
That is not playing, that is grinding. And if you take away the builds gameplay you have no endgame left.

Endgame is what this is all about. Story, no problem. Endgame is making builds and then have fun with them. Both activities are extremely mitigated by the drop rates. The higher “level” your build, the more specific gear you need.

I don’t want a 100000% drop chance. I want a drop rate that makes it rewarding to play.

The drop rates before the June patch were just fine. Reasonable but not excessive. Somehow GB is not comfortable with just fine. It has to be an extreme in one way or the other. First version of the Shlooter proved it.

The only motivation I can see behind this is sell their content or make their lame celebration event look better.

Doesn’t help in the long run, and honestly it doesn’t make me look forward to Wonderland much…


Just my opinion but reading all this stuff makes me think you guys would be satisfied with random sheet of paper that calculates a random “item” for you and saying you got that item from now on.
Who needs any kind of animation/graphic its a waste of time watching getting from point a to point b. Or watching the death animation of the boss…


I’m sure this post is old or something, but I’m a bl2 elitist and i must say if a 1/10(it’s actually like 9.8% chance) is to rare then idk what to tell you. And most of these kills take mere seconds

Sure world drops are like 1/10k, but almost everything that isn’t a pearl has a dedicated drop source. Maybe if you only played bl2 when everything was roughly 1/33 from the source you’d only see 1 legendary per playthrough, but it hasn’t been like that for around 6 years


Recently I have played through the game with Axton and I got like 1 or 2 legendaries…

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I mean 1 is a quest reward and you get 5 drop sources before even hitting sanctuary, if you want orange beams you’ll get orange beams in bl2. Yeah it doesn’t ■■■■ out orange beams like bl3, but they aren’t some insanely rare thing


I think saying 9.8% chance isn’t too rare for a DD is a little reductive, especially in BL3. Just so we’re all on the same page, the ratio of Legendaries to non-Legendaries is mathematically WORSE in BL3, compared to BL2.

BL2 is 1/177,500
BL3 is 1/4,000,000

Even with a huge margin of error, the ratio in BL3 is closer to ZERO than it is to the ratio of BL2.
BL3 has (approx) 0.23% as many legendaries as BL2.

Also, take into account variable parts/prefixes, varying elements (more than one on Maliwans), underbarrel attachments, anoints, etc.

Not to mention not even all Legendaries are considered equally viable. There are far more junk Legendaries (Superballs, Malak’s Bane, etc), than there were in BL2.

It’s not that 9.8% is too low, or 30% is too high. It’s that it shouldn’t be a static value. It should be dynamic, and able to be meaningfully influenced by the player.

Throw all the numbers you want(I’m sure we both can), but go run through bl2 and then run through bl3 and tell me how many drops you get in each game

Yeah same as the past 3 games, sure anoits are new to bl3, but none of the other RNG is. Just as many items in bl2 needed specific parts/prefixes

Tbf idk all the bl3 items, but i do know all items in bl2 except the last DLC. A lot of them aren’t good, sure you can make stuff work, but that requires more brain power than a lot of players are willing to use

I mean this is just an opinion, but i know a lot of people who had no issue with how bl1,2, and tps worked

Also did you exaggerate the 1 every decade part for effect or are you slightly serious? I can’t tell becuase you’re talking like bl3 has even less drops


Yes, they complained quite a lot with how “frequently” Legendaries drop in 3, and how directly and negatively it affects their experience. :roll_eyes:

It’s close enough to accurate to be nearly indistinguishable as parody, eh? I haven’t touched 1/2/TPS since before 3 came out, but I know a few other people who have been playing 1 or more of them, roughly since launch, and still haven’t gotten specific things they were farming, so. :man_shrugging: That said, BL2 did have rarity tiers that were even worse than Legendary.

This is just 100% fact haha, i never saw a legit gen 2 pearl. Saw basically everything else except some skins tho. Let’s not talk about gemstone weapons from the tiny tina DLC…

To the casual player I’d say yes, which idk if that’s good or bad.

I never buy the whole “they nerfed something to buff events”, because we’ve had these events before. They’re always popular. They’re always popular because more loot is often popular.

. . . except when players decide there’s too much loot dropping. Which kinda makes it confusing.

I’m on the “more loot” side myself, but it honestly feels like any time Gearbox either buff or nerf loot drops in any way, a loud contingent repeatedly speak up and do not stop speaking up until the next change. And then it swaps.

I think they should spend whatever time they have fixing whatever bugs they can, instead of keeping on tweaking loot drops. I feel like that would satisfy more players, over time.


Yeah we do not need loot event or lootifacts for world drop legendaries. What we need and what we want is loot events for dedicated drops something like the True trialas mini-event.


I don’t see many problems with world drop rates or dedicated drops at this point in the game, to be honest. Base game has 10-15% dedicated drops, DLC has 20-33% dedicated drops, Trial bosses have 100% chance to drop their dedicated drops, same with Takedowns. Those are much higher than any previous Borderlands drops and is much easier to gear up your character thanks to it.

The only argument I sort of agree with is Arms race drops, which has some of the best weapons in the game while being insanely hard to get (especially the class mods) and the Guardian Takedown, since I recently redid it because of the (welcome) platforming changes and I got two legendaries from Scourge, no Globetrottr/Smog/Web Slinger and just one world drop and a Multi-tap, which compared to Wotan’s multiple Redistributor/Tiggs Boom/Moonfire is a sorry sight.

I certainly wouldn’t mind a boost on those two cases.


Hmm I think a large part of the problem with drops comes from the farming system and not necessarily the % numbers that items drop.
I think most people prefer things like takedowns/events/slaughters compared to something like boss/named enemy farming where you run into the one place, kill specific enemy, check loot, save quit, repeat.
If the game had a kill stack drop rate system added where kills give a stack of “drop boost” that for X amount of times gives a small boost to drop rates and getting a drop removes all stacks, so while running around through areas getting many kills in succession you actually get rewarded for that.
Maybe normal enemies give one stack, badasses can give 3, bosses give 10, as a way of making stronger enemies more rewarding.

Also another problem with legendary drop rates is that in m10/11, aside from a few specific guns, legendary is the only rarity of weapons that actually work well enough to be useable, with some legendaries just being purples pretty much, and others basically being on pearlecent levels, so if purples were actually useable at m10 then it wouldnt feel like not getting a legendary means that you might as well have gotten nothing at all since if its not legendary its useless.

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