We do not need Loot events or Lootifacts

Purples aren’t supposed to be special, just decent guns that do work, then legendaries are supposed to beat them out by special effect. but the problem is that purples dont work and legendaries beat them out by just having stupid high damage boosts.
If weapons arent going to work then they shouldnt drop as there is ZERO point in them even dropping, purple need to work for legendaries to actually mean something, otherwise it should just be all legendaries dropping since thats all that works


Erm, no.

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I can not agree more with this statement. I know I have said it a few times but I wish my biggest “issues” with BL3 were loot drop % rates, buffs or nerfs.


I’m still confused, even if you kill a boss and it doesn’t drop any legendaries, the boss died in 10 seconds and a save quit takes 10 more seconds, before you do another attempt. And more likely than not you’ll get atleast one leggo-
Man I just don’t see drop rates as a problem in this game, they’re so easy to get.


a save quit takes 10 more seconds

60-90 seconds on ps4, and I assume similar times on xbox.


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As a habitual farmer, I don’t see a problem with drop rates and an event like the current one coming on heels of a lvl cap increase, I see as a blessing. Although I would have prefered a dedicated drop event.
As for the Shlooter, I like using it. It entices me to stop being lazy with my Pearl, Static Charge, Victory Rush or whatever artifact I’m using to maximize my dmg, and try new things like clearing a map without it ever timing out or going into FFYL. It’s even pulled me back into M10 from 11. I just can’t help but like anything that encourages me to put more thought into how I play and the added benefit of more drops is the reward. Yeah I could care less about most of them, but that one good one every now and then makes it worthwhile, even if it’s a purple. It is frustrating trying to get good rolls on drops, but it’s a hell of a lot less frustrating than grinding and getting that good roll 1 or 2 levels below your character, à la BL2. Just to be clear, I still play BL2 and love it.

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They need to do away with quit/reloading, and have Boss respawn buttons in their respective arenas already. The load times are ridiculous, regardless of platform. We’re on the 4th main game of the series. If they’re not gonna fix dedicated drops, at least let us spend more time playing and less time waiting on load screens.


in theory yes, but the next problem is that dropped items need to be deleted at some point before they cause the system to crash


Probably from the visual overload or straining stuff from having the floor littered with legendary beams :rofl:

Though i shot 80k eridium with the fabricator…

Didn’t seem to bother the game much (though it hurt my eyes)

There’s limited memory allocated for keeping track of spawned objects, which includes NPCs (alive and dead) and loot drops. It’s one of the reasons for the built-in timer that dissolves the items and then purges them from the pool - you can see bodies disintegrating and loot spikes shrinking before they all just vanish entirely. (And the system prioritizes things so common loot is on a shorter timer while legendary is on the longest one.)

It’s possible to generate so much loot in a short time that the system runs out of storage. Best case scenario is that there’s so much visual clutter you get bad jitters/lag. Worst case is that memory gets corrupted and the game dies.


After maxing it out I’ll say it just deletes as it spawns new stuff, starting with rarity then to a timed type fashion. Orange >$$ >purple/ eridium> blue/ammo> green/health> white

Hey pieman, long time no see. You probably don’t remember but you helped me a lot back in the days of BL2, glad to see you’re just as invested in the series as ever. Do you happen to play on the ps4? I got a headset and it would be fun to play for old times sake.

The borderlands playerbase is too varied. Listening to people on different ends of the spectrum complain about what they want takes more away from the game than any of the existing issues.

Things were better when games didn’t have the option of being patched. You get what you get. End of story. People feel disappointed and discouraged because they feel like getting the Nerf/Buff they want is part of the experience. When the developers ideals don’t align with what they feel is best massive disappointment sets in.

Devs were better when they could release games that didn’t NEED multiple patches just to function, let alone approach some kind of “balanced” gameplay.:man_shrugging:


How I miss those days. Yes I am aware that games are way more complex than what they used to be but companies also have expanded their workforce to work on the games as well. Sadly this is just the nature of the game business now and honestly we have no one to blame but ourselves for accepting it.

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Out of interest, is it typical to get 0 legendary’s from completing True Guardian Takedown? Anathema dropped nothing and now Scourge dropped a pile of blues and purples….?

I got a couple from random kills along the way but nothing unique to GTD. Do I need to buy a different artefact to expect some loot from this incredibly long and dull and difficult endeavour?

It’s not typical, but since dedicated drops are a poorly implemented crap shoot, it’s not unheard of. Unfortunately, the “paid loot” artifact, the Shlooter, only works for world drops. Unfortunately, GBX has yet to assemble a paid solution to dedicated drops problem they’ve created.


RNGesus is a black hole…

Sucking us in, the light dissipating into nothingness…

We are left with only our consciousness; a remnant of hope, invariably dashed with a pile of blue and purple.

We can only head towards that accretion disk once more. Flip that coin, enter into another bargain with those whom hold the RNG dice.

Use our astral projection to influence their decision, knowing full well it does nothing to change the outcome.

//or just save/quit/reload…

They all float down here…

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