We do not need Loot events or Lootifacts

Out of interest, is it typical to get 0 legendary’s from completing True Guardian Takedown? Anathema dropped nothing and now Scourge dropped a pile of blues and purples….?

I got a couple from random kills along the way but nothing unique to GTD. Do I need to buy a different artefact to expect some loot from this incredibly long and dull and difficult endeavour?

It’s not typical, but since dedicated drops are a poorly implemented crap shoot, it’s not unheard of. Unfortunately, the “paid loot” artifact, the Shlooter, only works for world drops. Unfortunately, GBX has yet to assemble a paid solution to dedicated drops problem they’ve created.


RNGesus is a black hole…

Sucking us in, the light dissipating into nothingness…

We are left with only our consciousness; a remnant of hope, invariably dashed with a pile of blue and purple.

We can only head towards that accretion disk once more. Flip that coin, enter into another bargain with those whom hold the RNG dice.

Use our astral projection to influence their decision, knowing full well it does nothing to change the outcome.

//or just save/quit/reload…

They all float down here…

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Well geez … I thought i was over it but now I’m all kinds of depressed!

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