"We do not talk about Sanctuary II"

That’s what Randy said during the reveal of Sanctuary III

And I think it could be the reason why the rest of the Vault Hunters are absent, they went on a mission in that ship and then something went wrong. Hopefully that doesn’t mean they were killed offscreen, maybe they crashed in a remote uninhabitated planet or something like that.

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Was it said tongue-in-cheek? Was it said with gravitas? Was it just a joke to get back to talking about BL3 instead of an off-topic topic at the time?

Hard to say with no context.

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Ellie does have an Echocast talking about it, there was sadness in her voice (imo).

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Looking forward to finding it then, I’m on my first playthrough and not bothering to find the echos right now.

I stumbled onto one about Krieg though, I hope it doesn’t end with space explosion noises lol

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Maybe it was a BIT of sadness…sounded more meta / self Aware / self referential / sarcastic / poking fun at the writing to me.

If you want to find that echo:

Just go back Pandora where Sanctuary III was grounded, it’s there"

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Sanctuary 2 DLC?

I was wasting time listening to the radios that we sabotage for Moxxi, and if I heard it right Deathtrap is in one of the Bunkers and Badasses podcasts that Tina hosts. So maybe, possibly, Gaige is okay?

…please Gearbox? haha

And now Claptrap is rapping, help!

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Giving the current story line written I wouldn’t be surprise. Angry but not surprise