We don't know what we don't know - a reminder

The sirens have some sort of spiritual bond that can transcend time space don’t they?
Otherwise Lilith was high when she did that.

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I think that any experiments that the devs want to do with interesting game mechanics in the present or future would get my vote…

They have done real good work in this regard already. Hard to find specific items through play, better to trade, but I’m not playing that record for my points…

From looking at an array of loot… I think there are so many viable play-style options even now - maybe not maximum dps but who playing M4 regularly is struggling anyway…

Many interesting variations will be brought about just by being able to assign points in, as yet, untapped skill trees…

I’d love to see ways of improving slide or slam skills with skill points on all character…

Think the title applies to everything, even the devs…


Leave Claptrap alone. He literally saved Sanctuary with his ass. The fact he caused the issue he stopped is irrelevant so no point bringing that up.


*His magnificent ass


Using slam to descent quicker is legit. Spark Plug is also the only slam relic I enjoyed using, but only in cases when enemies are yet still to spawn/appear. I can put down a couple of them and it works nicely, forgot to mention that one. But I wont use it in “active combat”. As I said, the recovery makes you vulnerable, slamming can be really awkward and time consuming depending on geography and there are much stronger M4 relics out there. I’d prefered most slam relics to be purple and not legendary, same goes for many of the guns. Too much of this stuff is quite worthless and just creates too many additional layers of RNG for loot to drop. They dilute the droptables too much making it much harder to get legitimately good relics like Elemental Projector Victory Rush for example. So if you’re going to farm Victory Rush from its dedicated loot source, you might spend dozens of hours just because of all the additional trash that has been labeled as “Legendary” even though theres nothing “Legendary” about it. Thats my main problem with it. The dilution of droptables.

He did also save Pandora from the evil Handsome Jack, with his bare hands.


The problem with this is that many players won’t continue on into the DLC, meaning that as far as they’re concerned, the story was bad. If you have to make something good by using DLC (or a sequel), you’ve already failed.
That’s why many players are upset with the story, because it feels bad right now and they don’t want to have to wait for it to be fixed later.

Why choose? I carry multiple relics and swap between them as and when I need.
That’s the benefit of playing solo, I can pause the game at any moment and adjust my gear for the current situation. I can even change my action skills and their augments - like with Amara, I can swap between electric, fire and corrosive elements for my action skill damage - if I have to.

I found the recovery annoying, but depending on how many enemies are around you, it can be worthwhile. If you hit them all with slam, you can recover fast enough to maintain your attack.

I like slam. It feels rubbish after spending time playing TPS, because that game used OZ kits that allowed you to use boost and to slam better, (Seriously, at Level 50 in TPS I do over 15K slam damage, in B3, I do just over 1K.) but it’s still useful in B3. I can find myself high up and use a powered up slam, then swap to loaded dice while I finish them off, for example.

All that means is “it could get better, it could get worse” which is true of any game with periodic updates. Let’s face it, by that statement it could be remembered as “the game that killed the Borderlands franchise” as much as anything good.

For all we know Mayhem 2.0 could be even worse than what’s there now because the Devs are definitively out of touch with a lot of their playerbase. Modifiers like this aren’t exactly new and GBX still managed to upset a lot more people than was necessary for a system like that. They already nerfed Mayhem 1-3 after all. Then they pumped out Mayhem 4 which is just bullet sponge city an dperhaps even more hit and miss than Mayhem levels 1 to 3 were.

There’s no reasonable grounds to hope or believe they’ll do any better until we see it happening. The simple truth from my perspective is this:

I didn’t buy the Season Pass. The game could be put on life support by GBX tomorrow and I’m free and clear. I also still have leverage by not giving them money for content until they get the game in order. If they do then I’ll be more than happy to spend more money with them provided I’m not already invested in some other game by that time. Otherwise? One day in the future when it’s on sale for next to nothing I’ll pick up the DLC and play through the campaign stuff to fill in a rainy weekend.

Basically speaking I can’t really lose because I didn’t spend money in advance.

The fact is that If players have to generate their own hope by wildly speculating what might happen to make it good then that’s perhaps even worse than speculating that it won’t because it’s getting your hopes up laving yourself open to more hefty disappointment.

Perhaps that’s a sign to close your wallet until the developers do what it takes to make it sensible for players to spend their money on the game again?

so essentially, you’re saying is “wait a year before you buy your game if you don’t want to be a unpaid QA tester”.

what GB is calling events, i call focus tests.

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Dam Slam gets harsh wrap.

Oi the player only has to exceed their regular jump height by a faction - you jump off rocks, anything over knee height you can slam off.

Here’s the thing; in Borderlands we learnt to walk (or sprint) Borderlands 3 literally takes this lesson to new heights. You will now learn to walk, sprint, slide, jump, mantle, slam and you will learn to do these advanced movements while incorporating them into your existing combat approach.

Don’t be lazy.

let me remind you that devs have no idea how whatever they will roll out will end up, they have no slightest clue.

here is a thing about slam that is objective: 1. it does no damage at any meaningful difficulty. 2. it is coded the way that it is unusable, meaning your camera gets stuck after performing slam for a second, which means you lose abbility to aim or shoot which results in lack of dps and sustain, basically after performing a slam you are a sitting duck for no reasonable beenfit, unless you use spark plug which does noticable shock dmg.


If you’re slamming in such a way that the pause is interfering with your ability to handle enemies, I would be concerned about your strategy in using them, and saying that they objectively do no damage makes me think you haven’t taken the time to figure them out. If you don’t like the slam mechanic, skip it; nobody is pressuring you to do them. To preach that slams are worthless like it’s objective fact seems misleading though.

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do you play mayhem 4? and would you really say that your character is not stuck for half a second after performing a slam? because coding is same on PC and there is definite delay between when you slam and when your crosshair becomes responsive. that is a fact. Slam by it self does no damage, as to artifact related slam damage like puddles are not very useful and i already mentioned spark plug is good because it is tesla… singularity effect is practically useless since it randomly misses on enemies who are like 2 meter away.

Again man if it floats your boat fine but if you will show me slam doing anything of significance in M4, i will admit i was wrong but here s a thing, you can’t and also being concerned about my strategy… please


A gentle reminder that comments about efficacy or otherwise of anything in the game should be placed in difficulty context from the get-go. Also, liberal use of ‘IME’ is strongly encouraged since personal experience will vary.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled exchange of viewpoints…

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