We don't need more drops, we need better loot pools

The DLC has handled it very nicely. Only one I haven’t seen is the ion laser SMG.

Legendaries drop like candy if you know where to go, but it’s always the same 5 things ad nauseum. Krakatoa, ASMD, Moloks Bone, Woodblocker, Superball. There are some legendaries I’ve yet to even see, and some I’ve only seen once or twice at most, yet these things seem to have their own loot pool, as though legendary loot has it’s own hidden sub-rarity tiering system.
Nevermind anointed, I just want to run up to a legendary and see a Band of Sitorak or something else I’ve not seen before.

Oh, and dedicated drop chances should be affected by Luck and Mayhem chance boosts. Farming for Its Piss sucks.


The amount of people constantly finding ASMDs et al cannot be dismissed with “RNG is RNG”. It shouldn’t be like this, for sure.


I don’t see that particular one that often, I’m more often seeing Krakatoa or Moloks Bone.

The latter would actually be decent if the shotgun mode didn’t increase ammo consumption.

Agree that it should be better. In my experience, farming serves only one purpose - collect things to trade for what i want.
I never get what i want. I farmed 3 days for a specific roll for zane new com and did not get even close.

For coms for instance, on ps4 trading community, you can notice that one person gets lucky and that com is spread out to everybody. You dont see similar rolls etc… just the same com been traded by everybody.


I’ve seen more Lucian and Rowan calls, along with a faisar and dictator occasionally. But I’ve yet to find a goddamn shredifier in the world.

I see those two as well but i feel like i activated a perk that increases the chance to gwt a woodblocker to 20%

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Oh, woodblocker. Yeah that one is probs most common.

I was ready to disagree with the title then I read the post. I agree.

Legendaries do drop often, they’re just usually wood blockers, ASMD, malak’s bane, etc.

Even grenades and shields follow the same crappy pattern, I constantly get tiny tinas and rectifiers nonstop. Rarely see transformers or other shields and if I do I’ll get them 3 times in a row, and always non annointed.

Having world drops drop high is great, but if we are going to have “hidden” loot pools on top of that and deal with crappy annointment drop rates it needs to be reworked.

The dedicated drop pools should help out with that but outside of the dlc they are still terrible, and even in the dlc the annointment drop rate is still almost non existent. Unless of course you count blues greens and purples.

I hope the next hotfix has some good news.


I have done quite a bit of farming, and some data collecting as well.

I am absolutely convinced that loot pools change with difficulty settings and luck. There are some items that you will see over and over and over at one setting, and then barely see at all at a higher setting.

For example…

Farming Graveward 100 times at TVHM and M1. I got 44 Legendary weapon drops, and 4 of those were Monocle and 3 were Flakkers.

Farming Graveward 100 times at TVHM and M4. I got 99 Legendary weapon drops, and out of those only 2 Monocles and no Flakkers.

And there were several other similar guns where I would get 3 or 4 of them at M0 or M1, and then only get one or two at M3 or M4. Other guns I didn’t see at all unless I was at M3 or M4 settings. Out of more than 500 runs I only found one Hornet and over 20 Monocles.

RNG? Not as Random as you might like to believe.

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I can believe this. Killed Agonizer 9000 about 25 times tonight NVHM/M4 specifically for an anointed Dictator. Saw 3 Woodblockers and one was anointed… yippee! :roll_eyes: Saw a Rowans, Jackhammer, Companion, several other forgettable guns, a handful of leg grenades, and a wide variety of skins and heads that I already have. Got two EM-P5s even, but not a single Dictator. Granted, 25 kills is not that much but it was painful not to see the one weapon I was looking for. Wondering if I’d have better luck on M3.

The reason why dlc loot is so well done is because the dlc has a separate loot pool from the base game imagine if the loot pool of the base game was also in the dlc we’d have topics full of complaints.
I think world drops should drop from mobs and special enemies like badasses only and give bosses a separate loot pool for themselves where a boss can drop any of the other bosses dedicated drops but has an increase chance of dropping their own.

That’d be cool, but part of the problem is that world drops have their own sub-rarities for legendaries, in that some of them are way too common while others are rarely seen.

Based on my testing if you’re farming for a dedicated drop item then it’s best to farm at M1.

Your odds of getting a dedicated drop and your odds of it being anointed are NOT influenced by Mayhem settings at all. Turning on M1 locks enemies and loot to your level, any higher than that only makes it harder and takes longer for no better chance of getting the item you want.

That’s something that definitely needs to be fixed in a patch.

Mayhem does have a big effect on world drops and their anointments, as does Luck.

But they have Zero effect on dedicated drops.

It appears that the dedicated drop items are being calculated first. After dedicated drops have been set then the rest of the loot drops are calculated.

I’ve heard as much, yeah. That needs to be fixed along with the current skew towards world drops being the same 5 things.

Seriously? I got like 5 of the damn things. Then again, I’ve probably killed Graveward 500 times.

So I went back to agonizer 9000 on MH1 based on your recommendation. Lo and behold, I did get five Dictators to drop over about an hour. Three were corrosive (one was x6), one shock and one radiation. Unfortunately, none of them were anointed. In your estimation, moving up to MH2 or 3 will not help my chances of getting an anointed one?