We dont need more mobbing. Give us a boss ladder

Hi guys, please no more horde modes for the end game. We already have circles, and most of the takedown is mobbing. Give us a boss ladder with some old bosses from the previous game and some new ones.


I would have to agree. Something similar to an OP8-10 Digital Peak run. Short areas of mobs with a small boss to progress to the next area that get harder as you go. I would love to see at least one boss from each BL game, maybe Crawmerax as the finale?!

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I don’t agree.

Bossing is fun for the first few times, but after figuring out the pattern, it just becomes a boring routine, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I hate farming. Mobbing has always been my favorite part of Borderlands because it has more randomness.

That being said, I would love it if they add the peak type of mobbing map in BL3.


You don’t have to kill a boss over and over. Personally I hardly ever do that. I like to split my gametime between slaughters, takedowns, a boss here, a different boss there, amongst different VH. If it’s not fun don’t do it. Sometimes I do feel like zoning out on the same boss for hours, so I do.

I would enjoy a boss run/ladder type map though.


A peak-esque run containing each story boss should have been part of the endgame already. Building on digistruct. They already had the template.

Perhaps ‘their numbers’ showed few people actually ran the Peak, while not taking into account the peak was locked to OP levels. Had it been open to all, like a HeadHunter pack, the numbers would have been higher.

I for one say bring forth the guillotine. Give us a run in the same vein as the Takedown, let us choose our player count/difficulty. And throw x number of Bosses at us in a continuous run.

I want a lot more Takedowns to be added, but this would be a cool idea as long as we get new Takedowns alongside of it.

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As a dark souls convert I approve of a ladder, since usually these get insanely hard at the top.

To help avoid it getting repetitive, maybe have a pool of bosses, with a different selection occurring every time you restart. Also, maybe add different attack and defense patterns to the bosses and have them randomized so the bosses are not so monotonous.


I think some weapons dont get to shine because so much of the end game is mobbing. There are the common ones like cutsman, dictator, bangstick/stickies, but something like the conference call is also pretty decent but again doesnt get to shine.

Absolutely agree. We are really missing the old style invincibles.