We get it, but chill on the “representation” in video games

Let’s start off with I love borderlands and I love what they are trying to do, but they need to chill on everyone being gay, hammerlock wayneright and clay just to name a few, fl4k is non-bianary which technically doesn’t make since because he either has a penis or vagina or is a robot, so we can clear that up as well, and all of the manly haircuts for women, why can’t moze look good, why does she have to be bald or look like Justin Bieber, come on now let’s represent all humans not just the crying snowflakes


Mate, you obviously skipped a good 90% of the sidequests in Borderlands 2, cause newsflash, turns out more people in that universe are gay rather than straight. This is nothing new and seeing as it affects a whopping 0% of the gameplay and even the story content, why is this something you feel needs to be highlighted in the first place?


I think y’all are reading too much into a video game that makes fun of all kinds of ■■■■ especially people’s sexual orientation. The games context is centered around adult humor. It’s all meant to be a joke, lighten up.


Try again “mate” a game is 100% about the development of characters, if I can’t relate to any of them because I’m not gay, I can’t truly get involved in the game


If you’re gauging your attachment to a game based on the sexual orientation of NPCs who at most are in cutscenes and give you mission quests, you must not be very attached to many games whatsoever. To say nothing of the fact of why you should feel sexual orientation should even matter in a game where, again, it plays absolutely no defining role in gameplay or story content. This isn’t Mass Effect where your romance options dictate how your other character interactions go and how they in turn affect the course of certain elements of the story.


This point is terrible, you cant get into it because your not gay you say… Well its like that for some people that are gay… So what do we do now. You’d be making the same point they are except your asking for them to change something. You need to work on your arguing skills.


But… not all of the characters are gay… plus you can relate to someone no matter their sexuality. Life isn’t all about sex to gay people.


The way I see it, if having gay characters and strong independent female characters in positions of leadership and power is important, then it shouldn’t be a huge leap for there to be a competent male character that shows up for more than 10 minutes in the main story.
I get that 90% of the cutscenes is gonna be all the sirens talking about what they’re doing. But with Roland dead, the cast is pretty lopsided in terms of diversity
Scooter as well, even though he was comic relief, he was a great mechanic


A game is about gameplay, chiefly.

And whining about being unable to relate to characters who aren’t the same as you is kinda how we’ve gotten to this state of things which you find so untenable.



Look, the guy does not have someone that he can relate to in the game. That’s not an unreasonable argument. Homosexuals, trans, bi have all been underrepresented in gaming. Now here there is a very strong representation, but does that mean it’s ok to not represent straight males?

It doesn’t need to be that way. If you are going to push lgbtq representation, great. Include a straight person to. (Personally I think that’s Moze but I don’t care).

My big issue is that there is no Truxican representation and that’s bullshazz. We had Mordecai in 1, Salvador in 2, and some old bullshazz in 3. I blame Trump


Religious beliefs mate. One of my friends had Borderlands 2 taken away over it. They had no problem with the violence, hell we had already started the hammerlock dlc and were Mac level. His mom was watching him play and found out hammerlock was gay, then that Maya was asexual (apparently) and that was that. Took it away.

They did go a bit overboard if I’m entirely honest. Some minority representation is ok, but Borderlands 3 would have you believe that like 1/4th or 1/3rd of the Borderlands universe is LGBTQI, which is nowhere close to the real world statistic, less than 5%.

It’s not just Borderlands, I’ve seen similar trends in other forms of media of late. In the pursuit of better minority representation it seems like over representation is becoming more and more common.


For Borderlands universe, especially Pandora, that’s actually pretty close.

Remember, in BL1 the majority of the planet was abandoned miners and prisoner, almost all men.What few women were on Pandora were targets for the bandits, but most swung Mr. Shanks way purely out of circumstance.

BL2 added more females to the rank and file citizenry of Pandora, but it was still mostly prisoners and miners. Most of the women in BL2 were recent arrivals to the planet, crash landing on a ship or something.

Point being, in Borderlands lore, there are actually tons of gay people because Pandora at least only recently received an influx of women. There were far more men than women, and in the words of the traumatized claptrap in Old Haven “these are very desperate men.”

To the OP: Zane is Cis Male, as are Brick, Marcus, and Mordi. And Rhys and Vaugn. Pretty sure Troy is as well. And I’m only up to Eden 6 so far. Most of the cast on Sanctuary 3 are women, but Moxxi is the only non-cis crew member on the ship (bisexual). Seems fairly balanced over the course of the story.


Not sure where you got most of that but it’s not exactly correct. There are plenty of women on Pandora, it was a game design choice to limit them is all.

Now in haven’t been following but apparently Zane is pansexual, Rhys is Bi, Vaughn has caught the Psycho sickness (yes apparently it’s a disease) and I’m not sure that his sexuality had ever been explained.

Of the females Lilith and Ellie are the only heterosexual females. Tanis swings every which way but seems to have a thing for inanimate objects in particular. Maya is apparently asexual. Moxxie, as we know does not limit herself (maybe, as to my knowledge she has only married males) but that just may be her flirting. Tina does appear to lean towards the Ladies.


I think its funny that such a big deal has been made about FL4K being gender neutral for the sake of representation but then someone is being told to not care about a perceived lack of representation that is meaningful to them.

Because gender and sexual identity dont matter… except for when it does.


Finally someone understands, I don’t care if there gay but holy ■■■■ give me one strong independent male character


Relating to someone does have to do with there sexuality, anyone that disagrees is wrong, it’s not an opinion there are no strong male leads in this game, it’s full of women and gay men, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if the game had balls too, but it doesn’t, there is no balls and I can’t relate because I have 2 of them


Well, studies done about 15+ years ago found that in general about 2% of the population identified as “completely heterosexual” and about 2% as “completely homosexual” and basically over 80% were some degree of what would be currently considered “non cis-gender-only”.

Things haven’t changed; we just talk about it more, and society is less accepting of it as an excuse for abuse.

Edit: That being the case, I also wish there was some kind of “just a guy” in this version (and I mean “guy” in the Minnesota sense of “a person”. I miss Roland, and Axton, and Sal, and Mordecai and Brick.

Oh, and I named one of my Sirens “Brick” (she spells it “BrickS” - meant for build like a you know what) in honor of Brick’s character in Bunkers and Badasses.

Me any my spouse were talking yesterday - wishing we could play “A crimson raider”; I mean there were so many walking around in armor in B2 all the time. Or maybe “A bandit” (respect to Kreig, but not a psycho).

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I didn’t notice this about the game until I jumped on forums looking for other things. But yeah, it’s pretty much true. I can see how people feel like it’s being force fed.


Fix your post mate.

Also, why be so negative about this? He (I’m assuming) wants to play as a hero he can relate to. In Borderlands he had a choice of 3. In Borderlands 2 it was 3 again then 2. Now, well it’s none.

I get it. Personal I was a big fan, partially, because they always included a Mexicanish character. It was nice. Well, now I don’t have one either. It’s disappointing, I can understand that. So should everyone that has been underrepresented in these games.