We get it, but chill on the “representation” in video games

Well, studies done about 15+ years ago found that in general about 2% of the population identified as “completely heterosexual” and about 2% as “completely homosexual” and basically over 80% were some degree of what would be currently considered “non cis-gender-only”.

Things haven’t changed; we just talk about it more, and society is less accepting of it as an excuse for abuse.

Edit: That being the case, I also wish there was some kind of “just a guy” in this version (and I mean “guy” in the Minnesota sense of “a person”. I miss Roland, and Axton, and Sal, and Mordecai and Brick.

Oh, and I named one of my Sirens “Brick” (she spells it “BrickS” - meant for build like a you know what) in honor of Brick’s character in Bunkers and Badasses.

Me any my spouse were talking yesterday - wishing we could play “A crimson raider”; I mean there were so many walking around in armor in B2 all the time. Or maybe “A bandit” (respect to Kreig, but not a psycho).

I didn’t notice this about the game until I jumped on forums looking for other things. But yeah, it’s pretty much true. I can see how people feel like it’s being force fed.


Fix your post mate.

Also, why be so negative about this? He (I’m assuming) wants to play as a hero he can relate to. In Borderlands he had a choice of 3. In Borderlands 2 it was 3 again then 2. Now, well it’s none.

I get it. Personal I was a big fan, partially, because they always included a Mexicanish character. It was nice. Well, now I don’t have one either. It’s disappointing, I can understand that. So should everyone that has been underrepresented in these games.


No I live a fine life, your missing the point buddy

Thank you my guy, it’s totally force fed

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Yeah, I don’t believe this at all. I mean for that to be valid they would have to ignore well basically Africa, most of the Asian continent, most of the non coastal USA, Mexico, and judging from some of the fights I’ve been in for implying that someone prefer to catch instead of pitching most Latin countries as well.

For that to be true, they would have to ignore what people say. There would have to be testing on how people respond to what images and sounds (heart rate, pupil dilation, sequential blood draws lots of physiological stuff); not just write down how they think they feel about it or what they want to admit.

And some of this stuff was studied (like that) a looong time ago; it came up when I was in debate in High School and that was in the 70’s.

There are lots of unpopular study results that get buried. People like to crow about how drug use by the mother during pregnancy can negatively effect a child. But what we don’t tend to hear about are the stuff from the 60’s (or maybe older) which noted that drug/alcohol consumption by the father before conception can also cause damage.

Just wanting to point out that “not agreeing” or “not liking it” doesn’t make things not true.

And none of this means anyone has to act any certain way. If you don’t want to “do this or that” then don’t. It’s all good.

No. I get what you are saying, but no.

That study is saying that only 4% of the population identifies as single sex persuasion wether it be hetero or homosexual. (Edit: added sexual to homosexual as it’s a 4 letter word with out it.)

It’s wrong or highly skewed.


So you’re looking for a strong male leader, eh? Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.


Yeah that’s not right. I don’t recall where I read it off the top of my head but almost half are female, they have a very large LGBT following, is huge in the Latin community (which makes it even worse that there is no fricken Truxican).

Your way of on that one mate.

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I hate you for that comment but congrats you got me :joy:


My thoughts on this are pretty simple.

‘Diversity’ is neither a good nor a bad thing. Movies and games have always been pretty damn diverse, regardless of what the current political zeitgeist would tell you. There is definitely a fad right now, based on …well, essentially a Cargo Cult fallacy that movies and games must be diverse, or be filleted by woke-scolding publications and pundits.

This has resulted in some movies and games crowbarring in diversity for diversity’s sake, to their detriment.

Borderlands 3 is not one of those games. It never attempts to push any political message (aside from perhaps a tangentical prod at caster culture and religion). The Fl4k thing is a little silly…but never intrudes on the game or becomes preachy. Ditto the gay romance. Ditto the majority of main characters being female. It’s neither something I enjoy or dislike, and the game is good enough for it not to matter one iota.

If you want to look at a game that is one of those games, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is probably a good example.

Most people don’t care about what shape their avatar in the game takes - because until quite recently, most characters weren’t even human. We care about a good game. As much as I love a good political discussion, taking a swipe at BL3, a game with exploding heads, meatcycles and giant guns for being ‘PC’ is daft.

If people want to make their games ‘inclusive’, I’ll probably roll my eyes - but as long as it’s a good game, I don’t care.


Yeah, the wife and I have gone over that (and similar) studies and they …tend to be rather bad. Statistical trickery, limited sample sizes, leading questions and classifications designed to obtain the outcome the author wants.

I’d be happy to walk anyone who wants to know why through the study of their choice.


Honestly, I never really noticed. The characters are well written and engaging enough that their gender isn’t all that big a consideration.

That said - the game is really, really missing Handsome Jack.

A study that has been pretty much debunked several times over now. If it’s the one I think you are talking about, it basically skewed it’s classification criteria to ensure the result it was trying to get.

Feel free to link it here or hit me up via PMs, and I’ll go through it’s methodological faults in detail.

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Borderlands is a severely dysfunctional universe and that is what got me into it. It could be argued it does not go far enough with representing a wide range of human behaviors. If it weren’t for the comedic element, this franchise would be ridiculously dark.

I saw someone mention my favorite character in the franchise, Brick, as being cis male. Given how absolutely bloody his existence is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a disturbing kink. Writers can make of the characters what they will, but identifying with any of the characters is just funny to me. About the furthest I will identify with a character is their principles.

Same goes for the entire cast, really. None of them are “normal”, so expecting anything consistent with a cross-section of the real world is asking way too much. Nobody should be looking at the Borderlands universe as a model for how you want to build a healthy society, so why does representation matter?

Unless, of course, the writers want to retcon the death of Joe Gamerski. That might be the most accurate model for a certain kind of Borderlands player. (Sarcasm)


Just an FYI thought on this is I feel like people are not giving consideration that in this future most people are more open minded and no longer have a single gender attraction making the norm being bisexual?


I’d love to see your data on this.

Also - are you implying that sexual orientation is a choice, and not biological? I think people may disagree with you on that one.

And that death is literally a step in the wrong direction, or a skag bite away. Probably more likely to experiment when death is literally breathing down your neck constantly.


She killed his dog when they caught him at New Haven. They tried to get get information and he didn’t crack, so she strangled his dog and snapped its neck.

Nisha did date Jack though.

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Ohh shazz, you’re right. Got that all muddled up.