We get it, but chill on the “representation” in video games

One of the arguments that most confuses me in this subject is the idea that games should be exactly representative of the general population. Even down to the level of statistics! The assumption underlying this - that developers have a responsibility to be correct in representing our world - hasn’t really been addressed in this thread by the people making this argument.

Lots of people in America aren’t gay. Why must that have any impact on how many people in the Borderlands are? Most people in America don’t have Siren powers. Should Borderlands scrap that feature accordingly?

I appreciate people’s desire to have their own identities represented, I do, but I’m not sure it’s an obligation on the developers’ part to bring in quotas. Let the creators write the story they want. If you can’t relate to it because it has too many women, or too many LGBT people, that’s a shame, but you don’t have to play it. I don’t have to play the many, many games featuring straight white males. (I absolutely do play them, because personally I find it quite possible to identify with and enjoy discovering characters who don’t fit into the same classification as myself).


Is it… bad that male characters also often have short hair? :confused:

I don’t know whether you yourself have long hair but given most of the characters in this game engage in physical combat having short hair is, in a pragmatic sense, much easier to deal with. Of course, one can get relatively secure hair ties, but if I was on Pandora it would be a short back and sides.


This seems unnecessarily personal.:expressionless:
If I said your lack of respect for the conventions of writing offended me and qualified you as a “chode” (which I believe you spelled wrong, BTW) would that be okay?

Do you mean there isn’t alot of variety (which I think is demonstrably false), or that the variety represented is outside of your range of tastes (which, if that’s what you’re saying, is just saying that you and your tastes matter more than everyone else and theirs, which I think makes you a snowflake. Welcome to the snowdrift.)?


I mean…our few of the universe of borderlands is 1 galaxy, known as the borderlands, which means its at hte edge of how far humanity has gone, so what about the other 5 whole galaxies, like lilith’s homeworld, or gaiges?

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Hammerlock being gay doesnt make him less badass IMO, As for strong male character you got Zane


yeah, i dont care either.

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Well, boyish haircut? Nope.
Butch? Maybe, but she’s a fighter and it would look weird to me if she had the starved supermodel build.

So, you were saying?


You forgot:

Definitely not a ‘boyish’ haircut (the guys I know with hair that long play pretty sick guitar riffs)


I am one of them

And the playable heroes have a hilarious number of haircuts to choose from!



(Mr. Togue approves of your riffs)


I mean, if the characters were just nonstop engaged in sexual acts, I could potentially see not being able to relate to a gay character. But not really anything Hammerlock does is “gay”, except for who he loves… which, if you can’t relate to loving someone, I DO feel sorry for you.


What an absolutely outrageous thing to be outraged about. “They need to chill on everyone being gay”, well not everyone is gay, and if they were, why should that upset anyone?

“Why can’t Moze look good” That’s subjective, and it’s a first person shooter, 90% of the time you are looking at a gun.

The post strikes me as homophobic. I’m straight, but I’ve got zero tolerance for that sort of behaviour. Had you provided any constructive feedback or arguments as to your opinion in a mature and well-written manner, well that would be a different story.


Amara is sexy, she’s beautiful. There are many girly girls with short hairs. Hale Berry, Emma Watson. Cameron Diaz all had short hairs at some point in their life. Didnt make em less girly or beautiful IMHO

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Fortunately for most people the days in which women got judged for having short hair are long over lol


you also are forgetting gaige, who is a genius engineer, and you know a girl

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I have a dumb question. why isn’t master chief on here?

If we’re going to compile a list of strong male game characters, we are going to be here a VERY long time. And Roland is my hero.


yeah…that list will be stupidly long, but probably would be shorter than one thinks

I second that opinion.

One could add Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Katy Perry as examples, but that would be beside topic…

Simple answer: I took examples from my not very extensive game collection. I never played HALO, so he didn’t come to mind.