We get it, but chill on the “representation” in video games




The answer is because people keep buying unfinished games/products. BL3 is FAR FAR FAR from the worst example of this and I’m sure they’re going to be fixing whatever issue you’ve had so far.

What else are you buying that isn’t a video game that “has to be fixed or in better terms broken?” Which doesn’t make sense grammatically, but we get your point. If you’re buying pairs of pants with only one leg that’s on you. If you’re buying ANYTHING without doing research on it before hand that’s just an ignorant consumer make stupid decisions.

“I bought a visor but I paid for a hat, where’s the top half of this product?!”

They were already sued for alien colonial marines. They took my money. Google it

I was referring to the censoring comment. And I’m not saying your complaint isn’t valid, just that it’s sideways of this topic. If you’d like to vent about that and find others to commiserate with you could create a new topic rather than derailing this one.

We all got burned on Colonial Marines. They flat out misrepresented the product they were selling.

They didn’t do that with borderlands 3. I got the game I paid for, so did you. It has bugs that everyone, for the most part, see as reasonable for the release of a major game.

YOU are freaking out over nothing.

Thanks VaultHunter101.

And the outcome of that lawsuit was?

Which is ALSO completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.


Okay, let’s steer this thread back on topic, which was, as far as I can tell, fragile masculinity. And not bugs.



Because hair is a pain in the butt to model and texture. Moze is the only main female character I can think of with a short haircut and that is mostly due to her being a G .I. Jane type character.

Anyway, yeah, it’s mostly the modeling and texturing difficulty that prohibits long, unique hair on most secondary and generic models.

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Ohhh boy, I generally prefer to steer clear of posting in these threads, but I have to pop in and say that the hypocrisy here is astounding. In all of the threads about FL4K’s gender neutrality, everyone brought up the fact that it is extremely important that non-binary people have representation and that if a person cannot understand that, that means they are narrow minded and all other sorts of stuff. Now a guy comes in and would like some representation of his own and he is ridiculed for needing to relate to a character. :thinking:

I’d say I am shocked, but…

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Except that representation already exists in the game, and did in the previous games too.


Can we all agree that going back and forth on a ‘Video game’ is pretty wack?

Just play something else, watch a movie, eat out. Don’t spend your time on a thread/topic that’s bothering you. Ya’ll stay safe.

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That isn’t the point. The point is that people here are giving him crap not because the representation already exists, but just because he needs it in the first place. Look through the topic and see how many posters roll their eyes at him caring about his representation.

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Wow. Just wow.

There’s plenty of normal representation in the game.

Well, if you’re consistent on both sides, then by all means carry on.

That wasn’t my impression, but I freely admit I have not read all 120 posts. If there are specific posts you are concerned about, you can link them in a PM to me and I’ll take a look.

And a general reminder to ALL posters that attacking other users is prohibited by the forum rules so keep it civil even when you disagree, eh?

I would say especially when you disagree.

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I fully agree with you. It’s a bit much. It would be nice if they had more than one (dead) black person in the series.

While I generally agree with the premise that minority representation for appeasement or brownie points rather than quality is a bad move, whether on a professional or entertainment level, Borderlands is hard to fault. Even if the series is trying to be progressive with a social agenda, the world is so ludicrous it’s absurd to parallel it with reality.

Everything in Borderlands is taken to the maximum: guns, explosions, blood, screaming, psychos, family members stealing from family members and loving each other for it because everyone is a bandit (Pickle, TPS). Apparently sexuality, too. (Weird that Borderlands makes your sexuality (and proclivity to violence) a minority right? Have you ever experienced being a minority in something before?) Try not to take it too seriously, and just enjoy it for an experience of excess as the rest of the games are.

If you want to take your experiences - which by the way are in a safe virtual environment - and learn from them, maybe let your boundaries be pushed, great. If you take your experiences, step back and say, “Wow this is awful, I hope reality never becomes like this…” Well, you’re in luck because it never will. (Unless we start living in Surrogates and start blowing each other up because our bodies are expendable, hey, Bruce Willis?)

The posts aren’t a huge deal, nothing worth moderating anyway. I just found it interesting given all the issues this forum had related to FL4K’s identity, that when things go in the other direction, a lot of people’s attitude flips.

The representation of various character archetypes is extremely skewed, with most males being painted in a bad light, with all the females being paragons of kicking ass.
If you gender swapped every character, the game would be flooded with Super Badass Dudes, and terribly helpless females. That isn’t ok.
Not the end of the world, but still not great.