We Happy Few XB1 Bugs

I really enjoy this game, but I wish it was more complete than it currently is. For a full release this game contains not only way too many bugs, but ones that at times make it impossible to play. Here is a list that I have come across so far.

Perk that makes it so that negative effects from sleep/hunger/thirst does not work.
Perk that allows you to ignore curfew does not work.
Can not complete the hive mind quest because I do not have the option to interact with the honey comb in the tree.
 During cut scenes people do not always show up when they are speaking.
 On occasion I loose all options of interacting and have to restart the game so I’m able to talk to people, open doors, and access hatches again.
 Not really a bug, but the game has to stop and load far more often then I feel it should. I can walk three steps in game and it will stop to load then I’ll take another couple steps and it will do it again.

I will add more bugs as I find them.