We have a broken shield

The Flame of the fire hawk is a bit broken, the one that I have wont release one single nova, I don’t know why, I wait until it is fully charged but yet it wont give of 1 single nova, please fix this gearbox.

It’s not broken, your shield recharge delay is too short. You need parts that increase it’s recharge delay.

FotFH fires its novas when it is fully depleted, not fully charged. If your BAR points and/or skill points make your recharge delay really short and (as @ACNAero suggests, the shield’s delay is low) it can fail to trigger as it gets 1 or more points back before it fires. See for example the wiki entry

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The Flame of the Firehawk only releases its Nova as long as the shield is fully depleted. It will continue to release the Nova as long as it remains depleted. Character skills that improve shield recharge delay (example: Maya’s Ward skill) will negatively impact the Flame of the Firehawk.

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As the others have mentioned any sort of boost to shield recharge delay negates the FoFH’s effectiveness. Even with a long shield delay you have to remain in constant combat in order to keep the nova waves going. It has to be completely depleted between charges before it does such a thing.

If you are using it on Maya, Axton, or Gaige you will rarely, if ever, be able to take advantage of the novas. The two characters that benefit the most from the FoFH are Salvador and Krieg. Salvador has no skills that improve shields and his combat doctrine means he is always getting hit or being shot at. Krieg;s shield abilities hinders a shields stats while his one skill tree, Hellborn, he can keep it up and running for a long time.

Less charge delay = less novas
More charge delay = more novas, more Bandit BBQ’s


I meant to say I deplete it, then it wont start throwing nova’s, it only has about 4.6 secs of recharge delay so it makes sense that it doesn’t work. I mean the shield could be a glitch, one that wasn’t meant to have that low of a recharge delay, but ended up having one, or it could be that a commando improves a shield way to well.

Or Gaige specced to share her shield with Deathtrap - that is hilarious to watch!

That too. I never much cared for the flying junker though.