We have played the prologue 4 times now and still can't continue

I’ve sent in a support ticket about this, but I don’t expect a response. At this point I just want to vent and maybe draw some attention to this, because it’s ridiculous. Here’s an excerpt from my support ticket:

I have played the prologue 4 times at this point and STILL must play it again in order to play the game.

First I played it the night the game came out, followed by the first story mission and a few VS games. It was fun. Near the end of the second game it crashed, and I went to bed. When I went back to play the next day, it told me my data was corrupted and it needed to be saved over with new data. At this point I was pretty salty because I figured it had erased all of my progress. It turns out the only thing it had erased was its knowledge that I had indeed beaten the prologue. After playing through the Prologue again it turns out it knows I’ve played story mission 1 and has recorded all of my progress. What in the hell? Okay, whatever. At this point I head over to my GF’s place to play co-op with her. Turns out even though the server knows all my progress, it doesn’t know I’ve beaten the prologue again because we’re playing at HER house. COME ON. Whatever. I give her the controller and she plays through the prologue because she hadn’t seen it yet. Then we finally go to play the first story mission. Now it turns out we still can’t play, because she hasn’t unlocked any characters, because she hasn’t played the prologue ON HER ACCOUNT. I’m going to be honest, this right here is absolutely ■■■■■■■ ludicrous. So anytime I invite a friend over they have to play the unskippable prologue with 3 unskippable cutscenes before we can play together? Who in the hell decided that was a good idea? She plays the prologue again, but at this point we’ve both lost all desire to play, so we played another game instead until finally I headed home. Then guess what? MY DATA GOT CORRUPTED AGAIN. So now if I want to play again I need to watch the damn prologue for a FIFTH time.

At this point I have lost pretty much all desire to play this game. I will probably have to play through the prologue numerous times in the future if I want to continue playing, either because I have to watch it every time somebody new comes over to play, or because my data continues to get corrupted. It’s completely asinine and it doesn’t make me feel good whatsoever about the $60 I spent on the game.

Had a similar situation. For some reason when I played the prologue I lagged out 3 times before I was able to sprint through to beat it and move on.
Tried to play coop with my fiancé and seeing as she hasn’t played the prologue we had to choose random for one of us. Pretty lame.

It’s completely ridiculous. I’m really disheartened by this. I bought battleborn for the co-op and now I feel like I’ve completely wasted my money. $60 right down the drain.