We know her legendary yet?


Alani legendary yet ?

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Thank you

Huh? How does that help? I guess you can get slightly bigger bursts with with that… oh well I dont do much for healing as Alani (sorry… solo warrior here lol) so I dont need it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now if only my heal would quit targeting others, we’d be set. I look at the floor to heal.

Cool, thanks!

whats the easiest way to do the hit 5 players 50 times in your opinion?

The way I read it, it includes friendlies, so shouldn’t be too bad during team fights in Meltdown or Incursion

There are some very good choke points in Incursion on both maps, usually where stand offs take place and quite often you’ll get a lot of players bunching up, especially with a good portion of melee/tanky characters on the teams.

Overgrowth is just before both Sentries, in the tight corner where the gap closes, and the room overlooking the 2nd Sentry
Echelon is at the top of the steps near the Sentries, and the tunnel at the 2nd Sentry

The gear will heal for 15% of the initial heal in a HoT over 4 seconds you heal for 1k the legendary takes 15% of the 1k and heals that ally over time for 4 seconds for the amount

Damn dude, how’d you get lucky enough to run into Ambra 25 times and kill her xD… I haven’t seen like any ambras in PvP since the drop… Other than when I got on Ambra today.

capture matches are fast and when i see ambra i just wave her over the cliff edge with riptide or just burst her with geyser into emergence into rip tide

That’s how I read it too.

I have like two down, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never hit an entire enemy team at once before. So I’m pretty confident that it works that way.

I think the best thing for this is the helix skill that doubles the time (+3 seconds) that the riptide stays on the field. Teammates will see it and probably run into to it to make use of its healing and hastening properties, if you’ve chosen to heal with riptide instead of guyser.

Kinda wish all character specific legendaries were that directly and immediately useful.

No kidding. That’s a grand total of +26.6% healpower. idc what the lore says, Alani is the true sustainment queen.

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thinking that same thing. some of them I probably will never use. I’m on Ghalt right now, and I’m only doing his for the tag. His legendary isn’t that great.