We Love Moze - Inevitable Thread

Moze has already captured my heart. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so here’s the place for those of us who love Moze to express it!


I feel like Moze offers exactly what I was missing with Roland, Axton, Gaige, and Wilhelm. She’s the first character I truly feel attached to beyond gameplay (not counting Sasha, who I hope we see in Bl3!)


I’m with ya. Moze tackled my hart, put it in a vice grip and she ant letting go anytime soon. She grabbed my attention the moment she was revealed. Moze, Iron Bear and i are going to be a vary happy threesome. ( like the strangest menageatrois ever). When your BFF is a BFG… you know.


I imagine Moze and I sitting on the porch on a warm spring afternoon watching Irong Bear at play, running about the yard, white picket fence and all :heart_eyes: lol


A vary nice idyllic setting, but, where are all the EXPLOTIONS!!!?


I have played Moze now. I do have love for her.


Well just how do you suppose IB is going about playing in the yard?

Makes sense. And he uses bandits as chew toys i suppose.

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Haha, naturally!

The way she states her full name is sweet sweet music. :heart_eyes:


I was just on Reddit and answered a question about what character I’m most excited about. Obviously i said Moze, but the point of this is i came up with something off the top of my head and i want to know if it’s good or dumb. Mozeniac. That’s Moze maniac. Be gentle, I’m sensitive.

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Lol, this is a safe space, I assure you.

“Mozeniac,” hmmm…
May not be the smoothest pun, but it’s a fantastic idea and I admire the spirit of it! That said, I don’t readily have any other suggestions myself. I’m a big nerd for puns though and you’ve inspired a brainstorm!
There’s definitely a lot of possibilities, even if they’re not suited to a title: Moze-aics, Iron Bear Necessities, Moze Garden…

So, not as good as i was hoping for. But not completely dumb. I’ll take the win.

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It felt like it was really close, like you were right there knocking on the door. So I consulted a thesaurus and found this:
[ mon-uh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh ]
“an inordinate or obsessive zeal for or interest in a single thing, idea, subject, or the like.”
Slight alteration to your existing idea but with a built in place for Moze’s name, i.e.: “Moze-nomania,” or “Moze-nomaniac.”
I dunno, what do you think?

More thought out and accurate than my off the cuff whim. Not bad.

I’ve been playing moze on my first full playthrough, and I like nothing better than lighting everything up and nuking.

Utterly majestic chaos. Like Krieg. Just beautiful.


I usually played Sirens in Borderlands series, but Moze is really nice in her simplicity of buffing guns and explosives to high heaven and simply rely on that instead of the usual space magic thing.

The only sour spot is how one button spam grenade build overshadows everything else to the point of other stuff being pointless and class skill being useless.

I like the fact that class skill is on such a long CD, because I do want to focus on gunplay, but boy is Iron Bear useless in M3 at its current form. It literally is nothing more than a glorified emergency shield.

Also does anyone played with Amara in coop?
Moze often says “I love Your arms, I… um… mean, nice war we having”.