We need a Kick feature for PvE

Just had an Heliophage advanced game (Public), where one of our guy, a Miko, decided to be a total… “darkest area of your body”.
Quickly started insulting peoples because they died, we muted him, and he decided to do the most mature thing:
He made us lost on purpose.

He sat next to the pad as the timer ticked away until the last moment, then kept killing himself, quickly running out of lives. Obviously, we lost at the very last fight.
Needless to say he wasn’t healing or reviving us at all.

So… Can we have a votekick feature for PvE? Please? So at least 4 guys can kick 1?

Got a screenshot of the said Miko-guy, but i haven’t checked if that’s against the forum rules to do that.

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I haven’t had that but for me many times people drop before the match even starts. scrambling for someone during the match since we’re down 1-2 players to start. I guess it would be a nice option for those situations. Maybe a 4 votes needed etc.

Yeah, so peoples don’t abuse it.