We need a “level up your gear” machine

I have perfect level 50 gear that I want to be able to raise up to level 53 or higher. (I’m assuming it will raise again at some point).

I’m not sure how I feel about only raising the level cap only 3 levels. I’d rather play a bunch of new characters up to 50 ish if the new cap is only 53.

At 54 I’d love to experiment with double capstone builds. That would feel worth it to me.

But as the cap will be 53 I wish I had access to a machine where I could level up gear. Then I’d feel differently.

Edit : clarity

For the moment I’d love to be able to opt out of leveling past 50.

Kinda bummed out about this patch.


@Noelle_GBX is there any chance we’ll see something like this?