We need a Quick chat system👍

Hey everyone!
Haven’t seen a topic about it so here it goes.
Wouldn’t it be amazing with some typ of quick chat? I’m not saying we have to be able to write but we definitley need an option to choose for example “i go left/right”, ‘i will build’, ‘i will support’ and so on. I think it would make this game even better! Sorry for my english😎

Good news is, there is one! I believe you have to hit the “y” button to bring it up, although you may way to check your keybinds as I’m not 100% sure. You can use the chat both inside the lobby and in game.

But what about on consoles? I haven’t seen any type of chat wheel. The only thing we have is a ping to mark things on the mini map, but that doesn’t go over so well most of the time.

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Hey. I moved you over to the right section. Best of luck!

Ohhh, console. I have no idea if there’s a chat option, I would assume not since not everyone has a keyboard but… yeah, gotta agree it would be nice for you guys to have access to that. Not everyone likes to use voice chat.

Apologies for the confusion!

Yeah i put this in the wrong sextionde sorry😏, and i should’ve specified that this is on ps4 hehe. But still this (not that i’m a programmer😌) should be so easy to put in and would make such a HUGE differance in the game!!

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*section, damm autocorrect😎

Smite has one. For console, even. All they have to do is change right click (ping) to a radial menu that goes attack, defend, build, etc. Then if you do attack you click it while aimed at an enemy or something.
To get it more battle efficient, double click it on an enemy to do a quick attack one. Or maybe single click to quick ping, hold for a half sec to open the radial menu.

Haven’t seen this thread - I like the idea though :slight_smile:

Yea console needs quick chat big time

Press the ping button to get the exact same effect as it has now.

Hold the ping button for chat wheel with options like:
defend, attack, I’m going, I’m leaving, etc.

Those four would solve most of the problems I have.

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