We need a ranked system for matchmaking

Im seriously getting tired of being paired with people that just don’t understand the mechanics or just suck at the game and losing because of it on ps4. We need a ranked system so we can get out of this rut and play with people that are around our play style i can seriously vs lvl 40+ team and beat them sometimes but somehow i am always on the horrible team. Can a skill based match making be put in?

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It does do skill based matchmaking but it doesn’t do a very good job until you have played 50+ hours. For me it started doing better around then because it had finally collected enough data to place me. That being said, there is a ranked mode in development but there is no release day set so it may be awhile.

thanks I didn’t know if it did any of that at all im rank 33 on it but play smite all time i understand mechanics, but I can’t stand playing with the teams sometimes it would be ok if people used mics but no one does

It doesn’t help FPS players are playing it as such and just refuse to learn team comps and try to solo everything.

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I’ve played for over 50 hours and haven’t really noticed any improvement.

Hmm I only seem to get good matches now but wait time has increased. Takes 5-10 minutes to find match but always close games. Sorry it hasn’t worked out for you.

Matchmaking had gotten better. The latest update set it back to matching me with level 2s and 3s versus level 80s. PVP is just a frustrating loss after loss. I’d have more fun playing just about anything else, but I love the concept. Why won’t Gearbox fix the damned matchmaking? Done with PVP until matchmaking and Alani are fixed.

Ranked MM has been suggested many many times now it doesn’t need a new topic.

I played a few games today and was paired with a few new players and another vet.

The vwt wanted to quit, I requested that we not, rather take the time to point things out to the new players.
He agreed.

The other players were very grateful for helping them out. Said they were getting steam rolled all day and people were being simply mean as hell to them for “sucking”.

Not every game is about winning holm skillet.

Some games can be about community, trying things out, or just fooling around.

If competition is really that imoortant, then tournaments should be held whwre ranking and pre-matches are made.

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i like a mix of some good, some bad in regular pubs. it makes it more fun for everyone. i do think that a ranked playlist would be great. then you can play sweaty matches when you want to, rather than every single game. the playerbase isnt big enough to support too tight of an elo based matchmaking. queue times would be ridiculous. im ok with a smart system that puts some high elo with some low elo on each team. that, in my opinion, is perfect matchmaking for pubs

I think we have enough threads on this topic already. Please contribute to this one: