We need a reason to use fire weapons in end game

I was thinking about it last night and there’s really no reason to use an all incendiary build at end game. When thinking of the main end game bosses that people farm (Scourge The Invincible Martyr, Anathema The Relentless, Wotan The Invincible, Valkyrie Squad) they all have something in common. Armour and Shield health bars. Yes Hemovorous has a red health bar but I’m not counting her as many people including myself don’t bother farming her due to the lacklustre drops and the 500 eridium cost but that’s a whole other conversation for a different thread. Nonetheless, if we do ever get a new takedown in the future, it would be awesome if it primarily consisted of enemies with red health bars. Maybe a takedown on a tundra similar to DLC 2 with lots of frozen creatures? Drop your ideas below on how GBX could make incendiary a sought after element that’s on par with all the others.


90% of regular mobs and minibosses are flesh actually…

That’s not what I’m saying though. What I’m getting at is the hardest bosses in the game all have armour and shield bars and it would be awesome if we could get a takedown that pushes you to use fire weapons over anything else.


Yeah it would be so cool to have a COV takedown. I wonder why they didn’t put one in the game in first place, I would love that, and that is the reason I’m constantly running Trial of Fervor


Is there a COV to “take down” at this point? Wasn’t that the main story line of BL3? I am kind of unclear on whether there is anything left to take down. Didn’t the psychos start worshipping Lilith after the Elpis thing?

I have suggested this before - surely there is a COV stronghold we could bust up. But we do have Slaughter Shaft, the main story, trials, etc.


A CoV Takedown, built like the Maliwan or Eridian one, but with CoV would be brutal the same way the Slaughter Shaft is a rougher fight than the Slaughterstar 3000 (not that I wouldn’t think it was fun, but there’s a calibration point there). That run would be crawling with anointed and triple-barred enemies (where few of the Maliwan/Eridian mobsters are like that).

In the interest of keeping it fire-friendly, Goliath-based mini bosses (like Warden, but, you know, burlier) and a psycho at the end (like Psychoreaver) would be a hoot, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the boss was some anointed behemoth.

Alternately, how about this: Troy tried a line of experiments in anointing creatures. They were easier to anoint than people, but he never could domesticate them enough to not just tear up the Children, so he abandoned that plan and left them behind. Without asking Gearbox to create an entirely new line of enemies just for this, the local enemies through the takedown would be regular critters, but the mini/final bosses would be anointed versions. That could lend itself to a novel and fire-friendly Takedown.



I always have felt like Slaughterstar was a waste - good level design and I quite like killing the Maliwan guys in general. The problem is that it’s way too easy. Make the enemy health, shields, and armor more in line with the MTD and/or allow us to select some sort of “True” mode for the Slaughters, and that would just be awesome.


You’ve also got cryo and radiation damage which are neutral to flesh and then strong on armour and shields respectively making fire damage even less important, then kinetic is neutral on flesh and shields while weak on armour and the elemental balancing in this game is really whack


@Zeta_Daemon I agree with your analysis. I do not really make an effort to use fire elemental weapons in general, especially when cryo and radiation have you covered. And you don’t get the additional elemental bonus that you would with fire, but you also don’t really need it. Cryo and radiation as a combo work well against all the types of enemy bars.

I have the same feeling. If only maliwan Mechs were on from round 1 it would have been more challenging. Also darn, I want more badasses here, more superheavies, more Centurions, idk, make that like true takedown maybe.

Would be great to see new types of anointed enemies, maybe discovering that Troy found a way to create and keep active something like an Anointed Factory capable of making anointeds even without him being alive.
The setting of a very BIG industrial site with a lot of anointeds and rivers of flowing eridium, zombie like enemies ( like… Cov that were turn semi-anointed not by Troy but due to the work in the facility) that just rushes at you in fury ( dead space like? GOW semi-locusts? I’d like some of that concept in bl, heck, let’s turn the game more dark-ish/ horror)

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I would agree if I didn’t get my ass kicked at round 4 when the Maliwan robots and dogs started spawning the first time I did it. That was a curve ball difficulty spike that caught my non-geared character off guard.

Once you have good gear, yes, Slaughtershaft is the only hard slaughter because of all the anointed boyos spawning.

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The combination of all-rounder elements + bonus elem dmg anointments removes the need for element-matching. It’s much more convenient to not have to experiment with other guns if I can just have a radiation gun + 3 diff elemental ASEs. It’s the lack of specialisation/niche that de-values everything else and stumps build diversity than promote it. If any kind of gun is good in any kind of situation, then we’re going to flock to the same ones every time.

Because of this, we can add all the flesh enemy takedowns, raids, and slaughters but it just won’t make fire (or any element tbh) guns more valuable.


Well this is in part because of how they balance bars

Armor and shields make up a larger % of the health pool on enemies as well

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If I go in there with my strongest on-meta builds/loadouts, yes, but this lends itself to hitting it with weaker gear and off-meta builds without having to drop Mayhem levels (no Mayhem is kind of too easy, where mid-Mayhem means I’m dealing with some modifiers I’m not keen on). Some of this is that the high-end CoV mobsters are way stronger than their Maliwan counterparts, and some is the weird state of the game’s difficulty/balance.