We need a sticky for popular Shift Code Thread

Hello Community & Moderators. We need a sticky for Shift code thread, as there are some who have been helpful posting them (see @cc_construction76, @bvhjdbvkjf.unhacked posts here) and this would prevent people like me to start new ones. It is not always easy to see what has been posted before in the search bar.

Latest Shift code::

26/10: KZK3T-K6RSJ-ZWTCK-JTJ3T-T3HJJ. Active until 10am Sunday CST.


It would be great if a topic could get stickied since the codes keep popping up in threads all the time. Got several people bookmarked the one I linked you and could always use help keeping new codes posted!


I started one and asked the mods to sticky it. Waiting on a reply. It is titled updated shift codes


Thank you. I also noticed another one just now (yours @cc_construction76) I did search for shift codes before posting, but it seems that not all threads are showing up. A sticky would be very nice! Nevertheless, I will contribute as much as I can do in the original threads:)



All lives matter.

Post some new codes please :slight_smile: