We need a waaaaay better system of farming

Listen, I’m down for the grind, and I love and appreciate the level cap increase, but farming again for weeks to get gear I already have is TIRED…

Killing a boss 30 times in a row with 3 other friends, just to end up not getting what you want is a massive time waster, and it leads to more players leaving the scene due to burnout…

Farming for OP levels in Borderlands 2 wasn’t so bad, because gun parts weren’t THAT important (save cases like DPUH). But in a game with an already low drop rate introducing anointments, multiple elements, and multiple bosses have 3-4 guns in the same loot pool??? Something has to change…

How about an anointment grinder (a twist on BLTPS’) where you pay eridium or offer guns to have a chance to make the one you want? Or a way to tinker your guns to raise their level like in Outer Worlds? Or at the very least, a drastic raise in loot chance for Mayhem 4? I’m jus throwing ideas out…

I’ve been addicted to this series since the beginning of BL2 lol, but this endless grind with little reward has me (and a lot of my friends, based on what they’re telling me) ready to leave. A good portion (75%) of em have left already due to farming troubles, and I hate to see that :frowning_face:

To any Gearbox employees/decision makers that catch wind of this post and consider something new…Thanks for reading :v:


Remember the good old days, back in 2010, 2011, when we had the Farmory AND the Hyperion Gift Shop for all your farming needs? I do. Good times. It was awesome! :wink: :+1:


I just mentioned this in another thread. I woke up this morning, getting ready for work thinking… cool when I get home I have some new things to look forward to in BL land until… reality sunk in. I have one tune I’ve ever played and that’s FL4k. I have almost 300 pieces of gear I’ve collected. Why? I like searching for that perfect roll via trading, farming etc. I have all my Rakk Attack and ASE anointments, elemental varieties… on and and on. The FACT folks is this… with a loot pool as large as we have and with many having various anointments and elements… if you take me as an example who plays a few hours a week and several hours on the weekend… the statistical probability of me obtaining the exact same rolls and elements within any semblance of reasonable time is ZERO! That’s right kids… ZERO! Now imagine doing this every 5 levels.

So yeah, the concept of having insane amounts of gear is great but what GB inadvertently did was cause a huge problem for those that don’t have 8 hrs a day, every day to play this game. I’ve said it a hundred times… for this game to survive with an ever increasing and diverse player community ( meaning a LOT more casual players) obtaining loot and more importantly keeping what so many have spent much of their free time gathering… has to change. The funny thing is GB has all the tools to do so without hampering anyones gameplay whatsoever. Create optionality for current times and this series can survive and thrive for many more years to come.


Seriously…There’s no way the average person has time to do this…

It took me a month of trading, farming, mailing, read-only saving and raiding to get my 30 pieces of gear…if I put in another month, what’s the payoff? Why spend time here when we could play other games?

As of right now, I’m barely seeing a power difference from 50 to 53, so re-farming isn’t worth it, but what was the point of such a small level cap increase in the first place?

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I’ve never played BL1, but it sounds infinitely better


BL1 was infinitely better in many ways.


All I know is I’ve been farming Graveward for the past 2 hours, and not one brawler ward has dropped. Before the update I would see one every 20 minutes or so.

First thing they need to do is spread out the loot pool. No enemy should have more than 2 dedicated drops.

Second, they need to adjust the world drops. ■■■■ RNG, there is definitely weight to certain items. During the red chest event I must have gotten a Gunnerang every third chest, a couple times I got 3 in one chest! Complete BS. The world drop table needs to be even for everything that can world drop. I’m sick of seeing the same 5 or 6 pieces of gear for 75% of my world drops.

Finally, they need to add a legendary vendor that can sell any legendary in the game. Earl’s machine is a good spot, just make the Item Of The Day a legendary when playing on TVHM/M4. Have the items cost a solid amount of Eridium, maybe 1000? 1500? IDK but something reasonable where you don’t want to just buy stuff willy nilly. You check the machine once in a while for gear and take the stuff you REALLY want.

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You’re correct TC. Farming should be about actually playing the game to hunt the loot you want, not save/quitting to keep resetting the same boss for hours on end. It is incredibly bizarre that they have not implemented any methods to encourage people to actually play the end game modes; no other looter is like this nowadays in my experience.

There are SO many ideas they could implement that would shift the focus away from boss farming. Just a few random ideas:

  • Create a specific currency that allows you to re-roll gear and only drops in end-game modes, forcing players to actually play things like Proving Grounds, CoS, Takedowns, etc. to acquire the gear they want with the correct rolls. This is the most obvious and easiest to implement solution IMO, and it is ripped straight from Diablo.

  • Have a vendor at the entrance for each end game mode that hands out bounties/contracts that force you to complete a series of objectives (i.e. "Complete this Proving Ground on M4 with all extra boxes checked) in exchange for a specific weapon of your choosing. Each vendor could have a different list of items. They could limit this to only one bounty per day from each “vender” to make sure people aren’t getting 25 Maggies per day for example.

  • Have a Grinder-like machine for Anointments, where putting in 3 items of the same anointment will destroy those items and produce a re-rolled version of whichever of the 3 items you select with that Anointment added.

  • Allow you to gamble for specific items from an item class (i.e. SMG, Sniper, Rocket Launcher, Class mod, etc.) using a currency that only drops from end-game modes, similar to the other idea above. This is also a Diablo idea.

These are all just random ideas that I thought of in the last 30 minutes, and they would all push the focus away from killing a boss endlessly to actually playing the game. When I boot up Borderlands, I want to think something like “Ok, I am hunting [insert item + anointment here] so I am gonna go have some fun and play some Takedown to work towards it.” I can’t imagine anyone thinks "Ok, I can’t wait to load my game up so that I can Save and Quit out of it 50 times every 20 seconds.

Their idea of a loot farming system is just very out dated and out of touch IMO. I really hope they have some plans to change things, but I’m worried this issue isn’t even on their radar despite it being heavily complained about.


My friends and I have said that any loot dropped out of of dedicated pools should ALWAYS be annointed when on the highest mayhem setting. I’m fine with bosses having multiple items in their loot pool, but they should stop a legendary at least 50% of kills.

Also, I wish I could rerun side missions. It has always been possible to farm mission rewards via dashboard(I’m on xbox). This game saves before you can view the item so that’s not possible, and the only way to do the mission again is to reset ALL of your missions. This isnt a huge deal as there aren’t many top tier side quest rewards in BL3 as opposed to previous games.

Some way to reroll annointments or level up a piece of gear via eridium would be nice as well. Even if it cost a LOT or rock, it would be 1000% worth it to not have to grind Judge Hightower 200 times for a Carrier that fits your build.


What if they made it so that every few e-mails from the manufacturers, you get a special item you can choose to consume that temporarily alters the global rate so that only weapons from a certain manufacturer will drop, as a way to further narrow the dedicated drops?

I really hope all these good ideas get traction…

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I definitely agree with this. It is insane to me that this is not the case. Still wouldn’t solve the issue with boss farming being the only legit way to farm, but it would definitely help ease the pain a bit.

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Imho bosses should have 100% chance of dropping a legendary from a pool of max 3/4 items and should not drop from the world drop pool.
I’d also like to have the world drop pool divided by map, for example Lectra city could drop shock related stuff like the brainstormer, AAA, storm… Athenas could drop maliwan related stuff and so on
So we have a reason to run different areas.


Crazy Earl should offer an annointment reroll service for eridium.


From BL2 “Shout HARDER! Marcus can’t hear us”.

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Too bad level 50 gear already owned doesn’t scale with level increases… That would be a nice addition.

I like that idea.
Was also thinking they could use the bounty board more. Could show some gun cards and how to get them. So you could see what the reward would be and then it would give you info like “super duper level 56 badass jabber on eden 6 running around with anointed brainstormed, good luck”

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Seems like the process could be improved a lot with some tweaks and not having to add a major new feature

  • make it so that anointed items have a much higher probability of being for your specific character or generic anointments. It’s frustrating coming across a lot of good gear and coms for other characters
  • take cosmetics out of the loot pool once you have them, or at least reduce the drop chance
  • much higher chance of anointed drops as you go up MH levels
  • spread designated drops out more so most bosses have 2 max drops
  • Have bosses be resettable without having to quit and reload the game

I agree, I’m not really willing to farm every single piece of gear I currently have 50 but if I see it dropped I’ll replace it.

I’m almost certain there will be another event soon that will raise drop rates significantly to bring people back to the game that have left, as for me I’ll be back when the next dlc drops I’ve got nothing left to do and I’ll be dammed if I farm all my legendaries again to match the level cap raise.