We need all the Vault Hunters we can get...?

We all know this infamous line.

So, more questiins.

Why allow Roland to be killed?

Why allow Bloodwing to be killed?

Why allow Angel to die (she does, doesn’t she?)?

Why save Jack in TPS just to let him die at the end of BL2?

(Unless they needed him to turn Hyperion into a massive war machine and swoop in and take it over in the power vacuum left by Jack)

to make us, the player, feel. when i first saw bloodwings head go boom i was shocked, then sad, then angry. and much the same when Ro died. they were the 2 toons i used in BL1 so it was pretty intense. Angel’s death just made me sad for her after her back story was explained. Wasnt there a drawing of Mordy hatching a “bloodwing” during the credits of BL2? and i don’t get what you mean in quotations. As long as we get Timmy in 3 ill be happy w/out Jack.

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To make you hate Jack.

Because plot holes.

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short and to the point. or channel your inner torGue and just say BECAUSE. REASONS!

I’m more interested in WHAT the war is going to be. Is it going to be a war between all the manufacturers racing for the vaults? It’d give more of a story of each manufacturer instead of sticking to one per game like how Borderlands has gone Atlas > Hyperion > Dahl. I want to be able to do missions performing corporate espionage!

And I want the next game to have a scene where Deathtrap dies.

awww man. i didnt play most of the HHPs. imma have to look into that, thanks.

Nope, nope nope nope. Not deathtrap!

In fact how about a sentient, playable deathtrap?

Dont take the story too seriously because you will find plot holes everywhere. At least that is what I do.


I love to pick stuff up, even though i know it will lead to disappointment…