We need an actual challenge in this game

Alot of people are getting bored with the difficulty cap in this game. The takedown boss is too easy to get to and too easy for people to kill with simple gimmicks, once you get the tempo down soloing a four person raid isn’t that hard. The dlc was fun and looked great but not one enemy for me to bang my head against repeatedly in pain. The circle of slaughters and trials leave alot to be desired out of endgame difficulty, unless you like completing the extra challenges.
Personally the takedown solo is the only thing to still give me a challenge other than trying reach certain time stamps in the trials. What that means to me is all the hours put into farming and planning for our best builds should have been spent on other characters or other games. Why? Because this game lacks the content needed to keep the strongest builds challenged.
I’m not asking for the next dlc to be full of hard enemies and not every area should feel like you are chewing glass in order to progress. I just want one, one area that reminds us of how painful digistruct peak was or just one boss truely deserving of the title invincible.

I can’t be the only one needing a challenge. Who else thinks something challenging enough for only this top one percent of players I hear about to beat would be healthy for the growth of this game?

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Sounds like Reaganomics to me.


I do miss the peak…

Have you levelled all characters yet, as I’ve just started on Zane, and have to admit I’m having fun doing something different - despite the long cut scenes…

Everyone but moze since she doesn’t really appeal to me.

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Well I do love me a free market i don’t see what warhawks have to do with this.

They’ve been working on Takedown presumably since the game launched. You find it too easy after a month. They will take another 2 or 3 months to release the next raid. Regardless of how difficult it is, you will more than likely beat it after the same amount of time.

No dev can release content quickly enough to satisfy gamers who put their all into overcoming challenges. It takes months to design content, and it takes you a week or two to figure it out and then start cheesing it.

That’s why 1Life, allegiance runs, white gear runs, etc… were popular in the other games.

Now TBF, they could do with buffing things like trials to be more of a pain for the more hardcore crowd. There isn’t a lot of reason to go in there unless you want M4 gear, so as long as they just remove gear from M4 and let it drop in any Mayhem, you can let challenge areas be as much of a pain as you want.


That is based in logic but not 100% true. Could you imagine the frustration if they turned the anointed militant into a raid boss? I’d have fun with that.

It is possible to give us an area that won’t be dry after a month and will scale properly with future difficulties and I am willing to wait for that, even if it takes a year.

I can agree to with you to a point, make something stupidly difficult BUT do not lock real loot behind it. Put skins or a funny gimmick legendary that is used for bragging rights. That way no one gets excluded and insane people like you have a challenge. I for one haven’t played for over a month and the difficulty was not the problem but the low drop rates and the inability to play split screen.


I know alot of people that wouldn’t do it if not for the better loot. We don’t need anything amazing locked behind it but nifty guns like the em-p5 or some unique quest items to become legendary like they did with the redistributor. Nothing that would make you more OP is needed people just want a cool reward.

Combs Youtube for the latest “simple gimmicks”, then finds the game too easy.


As a moze main i wholeheartedly disagree with you. I’ve still not managed to solo the takedown on MH4 with moze.

I can kind of farm it on amara, but it’s still quite a challange.

Anygame becomes easy if meta class and combos are followed. I don’t follow meta and i don’t known which build is moze’s “MH4 takedown made ez”. Every setup i’ve tried have been struggle all the way to wotan, and not had a successful kill yet. Done it on MH3 a dozen of times though.


Or you could just explain, did everything but driver get nerfed?

You are probably going to get some wildly different responses to this.

Personally I don’t think borderlands is a hard series, there is almost always a way to make difficult content straightforward, especially when you are familiar with it. The first time my character set foot in SS it seemed impossible, now it’s easy. Takedown is not quite the same since the bridge and Wotan can still be stressful for me, but on some of my gear I am missing literally 100% damage from anointments so you know. the things that stand out in my mind as insurmountably hard in the series are less because they are ‘hard’ and more because they are ■■■■■■■■, like OP10 Vorac. Eventually if you want challenge from ordinary content you have to set specific goals or hold yourself to specific restrictions. Put down the Brainstormer / recursion / redistributor / etc. Or intentionally play off-meta.

Making unique builds is my real endgame. For me borderlands thrives on the fact that it has engaging gameplay (and in the case of earlier games just a ton of content) with a incredible variety of ways to play. I don’t think it’s bad if some if these ways to play make the game kinda easy

BL3 right now is definitely easier than OP8 overall and in that regard I don’t disagree with you. But like, the big ticket items on my BL3 wishlist are still better chances for designated drops, bug fixes, and reworks to augments, anointments, and class mods that are bad. Mayhem 2.0 and more content will be coming, if those bring more difficulty great, but I think I care more about the other stuff in the end. TPS was easier than it needed to be, for example, but I love that game because its skill trees are absolutely phenomenal. I want that here


I was just joking with you, buddy… but yeah, if you are using a driver siren you are going to find everything a lot easier.

I made a thread called “balancing the siren, but you aren’t going to like it” weeks ago, and there are a bunch of other threads about this too. Doesn’t mean the game is too easy, they just have yet to fix some exploits.


I don’t pay attention to the meta, except what gets forced down my throat. My friend mains moze and has solod the takedown once as some rakk fl4k he ripped off youtube, after hours of failure.
Honestly if my lyuda and cutsman had better anointments it would make Wotan easier so I still have the joys of failure and adrenaline. It would be easy to get but then I’ll get bored.
With that said there are Mozes on my Fl4k’s level and higher that need a new challenge, just unfortunately not you two.

I can load up the latest trainer, if I wanted to, and one-shot my way through everything in the game… as you say, the game would get boring really fast, but wouldn’t really mean the game is too easy.

Those “simple gimmicks” you mentioned are part of the game… it’s a game about finding combinations of loot that work well together to make you powerful. If you are using the ultimate combinations of “simple gimmicks”… yes the game is too easy. It’s always going to be that way because there will always be guys looking for the ultimate combos (think Youtube).

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Yeah but people have actual builds too and I’ve seen less fakecasting with driver so I feel like driver can move away from gimmicks.

Yeah, I think my point with that is that some simple game balancing would make the game seem less “too easy”… but I feel like GBX isn’t really focused on improving the game, in general, right now. They just want to crank out and sell DLC’s at this point. That’s another discussion though.

I get your point but alot of people have endgame builds that wouldn’t be hurt too bad or at all. Like driver could be balanced and be fine but if you nerf the gimmicks the people needing a challenge don’t get touched and the casuals get hurt the worse, that’s not making the game harder or giving us a harsh challenge.

Yeah… you would always have to avoid using the gimmicks. The game is harder that way and there will always be new gimmicks.