We Need an 'Assist Counts as Kill'

Hi there badasses, Iv’e been playing the beta for a while and I throughout my time the most infuriating thing to experience was damaging someone to to near death just to have a teammate attack him once to get the kill, leaving me with only the smaller portion of the XP making it harder to upgrade my Helix. I understand that some MOBA players are used to this in other games but it’s just insufferable. What do you guys think?


yeah as marquis i get a pile of assists

Barely ever had this happen to me. So I would leave it as is.

Just share exp equally among everyone on your team. Problem solved.

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“I haven’t encountered a problem, so there must be no problem, even though other people report it”
It would be best to take into account other peoples reports on the game too, not just your own experience. Sorry if this sounds “personal”

I’m perfectly aware that my response was personal. The reverse is true also:

“Oh I’m having this problem, therefore everyone must be having it”.

If the only people that responded to this topic were the people that were having this problem, it would be biased. As far as “I would leave it alone”. I mean exactly that. Based on my own experience, I would leave it alone. Nothing more.

Make sure you are building and grabbing shards. I play marquis and still end up one of the highest levels in the game due to running around building things, which gives you experience.

I get this issue alot ill unload a thousand damage into a enemy and then two other teammates share the last two shots on him and i’ll not even get an assist for that. very very frustrating

and this was all under 5 sec time

game should keep track who did the most damage in the last 5-10 secs as the real killer

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It’s a thing in many games. Don’t you think others have tried to diminish it? It’s just too difficult to program a game that recognises Kill Steals. It’s the duty of the players to play cooperatively and give credit where it’s due.

how is is difficult to keep track who does the most damage over the last 5 secs of a target. those stat tracking are already in game.

give the person who did the most damage as the primary killer

When trying to complete Galilea’s lore task of killing Ambra 25 times I found this infuriating. I can’t count the number of times that I took an enemy Ambra from full health to almost nothing and then another teammate swooped in and stole the kill.

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Its not difficult at all. Many games include it (i.e BF4, COD MW3 if you had the perk and PvZ garden warfare 2 to name a few)
And seeing the replies on this thread I think it’s enough of a problem to where the devs might want to look into it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more xp for assists. I play whisky and for obvious reasons can’t put the final nail in the coffin A LOT. I don’t mind playing my part, as whisky is definitely a support role character, but it should still count for more xp while trying to level up. Nothing worse than having to bust your ass for 10 minutes longer than the power characters with high kills just to be competitive

Isn’t Whiskey Foxtrot supposed to be an Assassin, though?

It isn’t always that simple. What if you’re duking it out with an enemy and that enemy kills you, and then one of your teammates finishes them off? Should you still get credit for the kill if you were unable to finish the job and one of your teammates had to? Or what if you just had to run away from the fight to survive, and your team’s Marquis scores a headshot on the guy to save you? Is that not his kill?

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And this is why it’s so hard to do it properly, favoring one or another won’t fix anything.

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I got assist from the grave a few times so that is already implemented.

its not hard to track at all. who does the most damage should always get the kill point.

and on that marquis scene if i got him from shields depleted and to 10 hp and he finished it with one shot, that’s what you call kill stealing.

he should get an assist and I should get the kill

Well, I personally would favor something like: dmg ~ EP …
I don´t care as much about just getting an assist when someone “steals” my kill, but afair the killer gets the EP, right? … that sucks!
Correct me if I´m wrong.

Is it still stealing a kill if you’re running away from the guy because he’s gonna kill you first and your teammate saves you? My point is, it isn’t always as simple as “I did more dmg to him, I should get the kill”.


In the marquis scenario that you proposed he wouldn’t have been able to get the kill if it weren’t for your efforts, so yes you deserve to get a score equivalent to a kill score.

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