We need big freakin monsters and EXPLOSIONS. Old style encounters u miss talk bout em. Bl1-Tps

Nuff said! All the big monsters in this game currently die in seconds to crappy builds even.
I miss that giant or huge encounters feelings…
Like the original borderlands 1 and 2

Like general knoxx

Invincibles without exploits.

The Rakk Hive. I remember the feeling of awe at spending tons of ammo into it the first time and finding ammo from dead rakks n switching weapons.

Then finding out there was chest around for ammo i didnt see.

Jeez most boss battles in bl2.

Marcus holiday snowman. Terramorphous legitimate.

Raising goliaths…

Having varkids fight everything and evolving chaos because of neighbor spawns.

I hope in year 2 they emulate that stuff.
Ya know fights that last longer outside of invulnerable phases and 2 minutes dps time.

Lets talk about old fights and encounters you enjoy and feel ud like to see similar in bl3?


Bring back Bonerfarts.


I don t remember Marcus snowman being particulary difficult to kill, well maybe in op levels or whatever never played those much


Vermivorous - The chaos of trying to spawn him was a rush in itself, I really miss that kind of thing.


Give me some Godliath please I rember these things running around and creating havoc
And no the ones we have now including Warden just pale

I think we all want the old style transformations rather than the immunity phases we got
Triple 0 and Vermi or anything that was a Super or Ultimate Badass

Just give us some Tubby’s and Rabid’s to up the Mayhem


just by the tittle i knew it was doom puppy, lmao.
Id love some large targets, yes. As long as they dont one shot.
Personally, i love the 2 raid bosses we have now. Theyre not bullet sponges, and they reward quickmovement and mobbing power. I’d rather have more of this than bullet sponges. Wotan with x5 health is not gonna feel any more fun to me, i like it as he is and i like that if i relax too much i will still die like a beech.
(uh, fyi - for some reason wotan’s shield does not escale with mayhem, making the shield oneshottable. his main gimmick is piss easy to destroy now…)

Talking about big monsters and EXPLOSIONS. I love how the eridian raid bosses involved them: one forces you to dodge mega oneshot blasts. (yeah yeah invencibility phases suck, but come on, gameplay wise that felt amazing the first time we figured it out).
The other is charging a one shot blast and YOU CAN STOP IT, USING HIS MINIONS, TO EVEN OPEN HIM FOR A HEAVY COUNTER!
That felt real good. And id love more explosion focused raid moves.

Maybe something in a circular arena that causes masive, full room explosions from the center of it, and you have to take cover. Not for too long, or else it’ll be tiresome like anathema.

Or maybe something that fires slow flying nukes you can shoot down? Like badassasaurus?
Badassassaurus 2 the invincible (except vincible, please) for a 3rd bandit focused raid???


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I still don’t think giving the bosses hundreds of billions of HP was a good idea. It makes attempts take longer and thus losing feels incredibly punishing and dis heartening. I would rather more mechanics are present to test my awareness and skill rather then a boss simply pressuring my stamina. Having a boss like that once and a while is fine but the fact that most of BL2s raid bosses where like that turned me away from the raid bosses.

I would be ok if they wanted to add a massive health boss as long as they don’t throw in bottomless pits. Terra was really annoying without the clif strat or having Bee abuse to kill him in a few minutes.

Random thought.

Tina piloting Uranus.

Just so people can say Tina’s in Uranus.

It would probably be refitted with more explosive weaponry and bunnies and be able to hide behind the wall of explosion effects despite being giant.

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I dunno i dont even use optimized builds and wotan dies insta to me. I launcher him. N then invulnerable phases and splits. Everything dies ina minute or 2.

I think the longest fight i encounter is the Heart in dlc2

And the first gtd boss. Personally at m10 lvl i find this highly unsatisfying.

I like difficulty. I dont even know what some bosses can actually do because iam so used to killing them super fast.

There is a bridge in balance.between boss phases movement changes and satisfying sponge.

I don’t expect a small.boss to have. Billions of hp. I expect gigantic monster to though.

Personally im not having fun because of how easy it is. Maybe its because anoints are so powerful.


I think as @Frozety there is something fishy with Wotan shield in mayhem, it probably does not scale correctly, it is destroyed instantly by most attacks, I remember distinctly Wotan’s shield being way more difficult to destroy, in addition the armored phase feels of normal durability to me so it is not a matter of me being super powerful or Wotan being completely weak. Then I let people open ticket on this one I don’t do takedown that often and I feel lazy to record video evidence (you’ll need to determine the lowest damage for destroying its shield in photo mode to prove is it way to low)


I only miss Goliath enemies being sturdy enough to properly level up. Large enemies can be amusing, but not when they’re hitting the entire universe all at once with OHKs.

Could break wotan straight to hopping with fl4k double shot ona. Plaguebearer with ases.

With backburner launcher at a wall flying wotannhas fallen on the ground and lays there. Im.able to do.it with playing dirty zane too.

Anyways.imwas saddend to plow through all.the.m10.comtent the game has… (Bosses etc) ina few.mins or a min.

Gtd trash last longer than the whole.games.collection of bosses

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