We need dialogue skip

This game game severely needs dialogue skip in some capacity. I actually really love this game, but the long speeches between each and every objective has lead me to quit playing time and time again. Obviously I played vigorously at launch, and I’ve returned for the DLC’s. Once in a while I just feel like leveling a new character, and I open up the game and I’m instantly met with talking and talking and talking, and after a few quests I just quit. The cutscene skip was a huge step in the right direction but honestly, this game doesn’t have a lot of cutscenes. It’s the long speeches before the next objective that actually steals all of your time.

So please Gearbox! Let us skip the dialouge, or at least make it so the quest objective progresses imediately. It would make subsequent playthroughs so much more enjoyable. I know I’m not alone on this.


I’d sign a petition for that. If you want to play all characters on tvhm like me, you have to go through all this 8 times. Which is ridiculous.

Also: the skip to the dlcs is nice, but only lvl 13? I hoped for lvl ~30 and last mission from basegame like in BL2 :frowning:

Also also: where is uvhm or actually a point for even doing tvhm?

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I could not agree more.



any hope for this feature to come or are they thinking its a good idea to force the player to listen to these dialogues so many times

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I really really REALLY doubt they’re paying any attention…as always.

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to sad :frowning:

Unless you are streamer that @GBX supports then you might have their attention.

kinda sad that you need to be a popular streamer or in any other way popular to make them hear you out :smiley:

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Because it was those popular streamers that put @GBX where they are today.

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im sure the big fanbase of borderlands put GBX where they are today
your comment sounds to me like streamers where the only advertisement for their games …

Sorry…it was meant with the utmost sarcasm, haha.

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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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