We need more bag and bank space plz

Having 40 slots in a game that has unlimited gear is not fun. Me selling good items for space sucks.

They had way more space in BL1, but they choose a different route from BL2 onwards, because they don´t want players to hoard their gear.
I collected every unique, legy and pearl in BL1 so i feel your pain on the limited space to store the good stuff :smile:
There is an official statement somewhere but I´m to tired to find it right now.

How so? Borderlands 2 you get 39 just from your back pack. Then the bank. Then claptraps stash you can use for storage if u had to. So a total of 80 Something for bl2. And bl1 had what 45 or maybe alittle higher. And you did have the storage if u bought the underdome. But did that equal to more than bl2?

Create a second character and just transfer it over?

i have a couple characters that do nothing but store stuff. to get eridium for bank/backpack space, i have the mules play the moxxi slots funded by selling higher level trash…

Backpack could go up to 72 in Bl1 if you´re lucky enough + 42 in the underdome bank.

Mules ftw. A mule is like a bank you can summon anywhere, any time. I always make mules when I’m farming torgue tokens or the bunker so that they get the eridium they need with almost no effort.

O ok didnt know the backpack could go that high.

The vast majority of players never had that much space. The grind and pot luck required to get those last few SDUs was way too much for all but the masochistic and the cheaters.

i’m on ps3/4. if you are on a console and have a second controller, just use split screen to swap gear to a mule. on ps4 you will need a second login b/c each controller is assigned to a unique user.

GBX is foolish about the stash. I have mules simply to make for easy transfer between toons. four slots is an utter joke. the bank should be the stash and its size should be large enough for 6 toons.

Yeah, Master_Beef is right on this, it´s a real chore to farm those things. I never got max-space myself :smiley:
Maybe the difference between BL1 and 2 isn´t that great after all.

Not true, though. Most of those chance backpack SDUs from BL1’s second play-through weren’t that tough to get. Took me a handful of tries each. Just save your game as close as possible to Claptrap, and if you don’t end up getting the SDU just dashboard and try again. That or kill yourself with a grenade and quit out while respawning (as it won’t force-save the game.) The only one that required a long walk (and would have driven me insane) was the one from General Knoxx. I skipped that one, so I ended up with 69 backpack slots. Which also tied into the max experience level and GBX’s obsession with the number 69, so it seemed fine to me haha.

Any in any case, it means we had nearly double the amount of backpack space and bank space in BL1. So it was definitely tough to have it cut in the second. The upside is that it taught us to be frugal and scrap stuff we really don’t need. And with incremental space increases, they feel like they have more meaning. This indeed worked well though most of the progression process of BL2. But once you got to endgame, where a big part of the process is collecting legendary gear to fill out fun loadouts: the lack of space hurts.

I played on ps3. Dashboarding meant about a 10 minute wait. I never did it. PC players might have.

Ah yes, I was speaking about it from the 360 perspective. I feel your pain; I adore my PS3 - but the XMB/dashboard on it is unwieldy slow when games are running. Even though both platforms had boatloads of players: I’m always taking it for granted that a majority of last-gen Borderlands players were on 360 and a majority of new-gen ones are on PS4. Which is why we see a boatload of posts every day of people asking, “Why can’t I transfer my 360 saves to PS4?” We never see the reverse, of course, haha.

But as for quitting without saving: you can just use the grenade method. If you choose to quit when you’re in a respawn “warp” animation, the game will warn you “progress will not be saved.” You’re using an intended mechanism within the game to quit without saving. And the only time I ever even contemplating quitting the game without saving was for those non-guaranteed backpack upgrades in PT2 of the first game. Worked a charm.

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I never knew that! Thanks for the tip. One thing I love about the ps4 version is the super fast load times. Farming torgue machines is so quick now.