We need more bank pages

Especially with the new DLC adding 6 more legendaries, and the upcoming event enabling legendary packs, we need more bank pages. I’ve been having to get rid of low-rarity gear that I want to keep so that I can keep high-rarity gear that I also want to keep. I’m a loot hoarder. If it is a legendary or not an objectively bad conditional, I keep it. There are now 125 legendaries out there, and a ton of non-flawed epics and epics with an acceptable flaw worth keeping. I simply don’t have room any more. I’ve been skirting by the past month with 278/279 by deleting low-rarity gear that I wanted to keep so that I could continue opening packs for more loot pack legendaries and taunts. I’m running out of gear that I feel comfortable selling and getting back fairly quickly.

Please, just one more bank page, for the hoarders among us.


PREACH!!! I sit around 269/279 and have already started deleting gear I wish to keep. =(

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I’m already doing this for the past 3 months… Everytime I find a new legendary I have to sell some blue/white/green item. I’m always sitting at the 278/279 :tired_face: It sucks.

Gearbox said they were thinking about adding this a month ago, come on! no more bank spaces before Battleborn day -.-

They just added 80 bank spaces a couple hours ago.


Yeah, when I saw it, bought it instantly ^^

omg it’s a Christmas miracle!!!

Welp, 'bout to drop some $$$ for those 80 pages lol!