We need more bank space

Hey guys. I’m at a point in my game where I just don’t want to play anymore because I have no space for the loot I find, without throwing other great stuff out. It’s really frustrating because I want to play and collect great loot, but also keep the great loot I’ve already gotten. I don’t have a 2nd controller so I can’t just drop mules into sanctuary with me, and I CBA to run a bunch of mules to sanctuary. Could you guys look into this please? I love the game and don’t want managing my inventory to be like pulling teeth. Thanks guys and have a great day!


One word sir - MULES -


it takes a couple hours to run a mule to Sanctuary by just doing the main mission quests.

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This is true. I did it myself


I agree TC! I too need Moar


I broke down and ran a mule to sanctuary, it did take a good while lol


Not a couple of hours.

It’s a pain, but doable. It’s doable in less than an hour…

…but I agree that it should be faster, and skipping cutscenes would do that.

The alternative is save file duping (easy on PC, not sure on other platforms).

But mules are a viable workaround until we have an official fix.


How are you struggling with space did you buy all the upgrades? I have one of every single legendary in the game(minus the last one I’m trying for) in my bank and I still have about 30 spaces left.

If you’re saving situational gear think if you really need it and keep it on a character and it not sell it

Yep all the upgrades and I have all 4 characters so I have the same items often with different anointments.

Well, let’s see. Right now, I’m playing Zane, SNTL / Clone.

If I’m running around mobbing, I need to carry Protuberences for the clone (amazing damage).
If I’m bossing, I need to carry a couple of other guns for the clone.

And then, I need to make sure that I’ve got the appropriate grenade, with the appropriate anoint for the situation.

And then, maybe I want to have a few different shields.

And then I obviously am going to need different weapons for myself for different tasks.

And then, Oh, right I also want to play other characters, and they are going to need things, and then I want to collect some legendaries, and Oh hey, look I got a 300% Phaseslam Recursion, maybe I’ll play amara at some point, better hold on to that, and by the time you get through holding on to gear for each situation, DLC , style of play, plus characters, plus keep stuff so that you can switch specs if you want to try something different, 300 vault spaces across 4 characters (I don’t even have all 4 leveled. I have 2), and you are maxed out on Vault Space, even at 300.

If I’m going to go boss around the DLC, I’m not going to carry all the stuff that I’m going to take to go fight other bosses. I’m not carrying Luciens Calls, and extra element protuberences, when I just need the corrosive.

Hell, I even keep a set of gear hanging on the wall, plus the vault space, and I’m still maxed out, with just two characters.

Max level, M4, Takedown soloing chars are going to have a fair amount of gear, coupled with gear for other specs.

300 slots? I could cap out 300 slots for one character in spec specific gear.


i have mules for every catagory… and half my bank is empty… you know why? because i trow out the non anointed trash because it’s USELESS…

same with the useless anointments nobody ever uses…

if you still have a shortage of space then i’d suggest taking people on farming runs… because obviously you will have hit the motherload (doubt it…)

then there’s crap like woodblockers and such… and why hold on to 10 of the same gun? hold on to the best one and chuck the rest…

what WOULD be nice is that they change to wall mount to be a build you can toggle (push a button and you swap your gear with the gear on the wall of your room and have a new-u skill build you can save onto it too)

trow away half because it’s nothing special… i’m sure half your space is wasted on guns/items you’ll never ever use (or even used before)

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I just want separate bank space for each character, having to sort through all the gear for all my builds for all 4 characters is just tiresome
Even 100 slots for each character would be enough for me


that’s a better idea :wink:

wouldn’t mind a place to store character specific weapons

This guy is asking for something that would benefit everyone (whether you want to admit it or not) and folks are resisting…I’m amazed.

I’m with you @calebismybro, throw me more bank slots Gearbox. Even if I didn’t need them now I’d be glad they were available!
(I do need them now though)


You’re missing the point.

Say you’re me. I have two chars at 50, and TVHM. I play each of them a fair bit, depending on if I’m playing with other people, or whatever.

So, we’ll just take one gun to make this point. Let’s talk about The Recursion. Now, ideally, we’d keep Fire, Corrosive, Shock, and Radiation Flavors on our Recursion. Maybe we luck out, and we’re able to get that across 2 guns.

But then, I play Moze. So, I’m going to want On ASE Incendiary on both, no matter what spec I’m playing.

So, 2 guns.

But then, I also play Zane. So, for Zane, I’d want

130% Damage on Digi Clone Swap
Status Effect Barrier
100% Cryo.

Now, if I’m ONLY PLAYING those two characters, that’s 8 Recursions, if I’m able to farm them up, and get the perfect Element combos, and the perfect Anoints on them.

That’s… incredibly unrealistic to think, but OK. Let’s Go with that.

But hey, Maybe I want Kraders for my chars, or Brainstormer, or Oh God, I’m playing a Moze Splash Build, and I’m using Bangsticks, and now I want Bangsticks in all the flavors with the Anoint.

And maybe, Because the Bangstick is harder to farm than an actual rarity, I don’t have all the perfect anoints yet, so I’m holding onto 10 Bangsticks that I use situationally, because the RNG in the game is soul crushing.

And on, and on, and on. 300 Bank Vault slots, shared between 4 characters, who each have multiple viable class mods and builds, that a player could use at a high level of gameplay, is just not enough.

Especially when you factor in the RNG, and realize that you aren’t dealing with the perfect loot rolls on things, so you are holding onto some items that you want to carry around, for that one boss you use it on, that you are farming for loot, or fun with friends.

Also, If that vault had better sorting options? That’d be awesome. Trying to sort a vault full of items right now, is too much like an inventory simulation game to be fun.


I welcome more slots. The earlier guy had it right, though. Anything without an anointment is garbage. We’re past that point.

I have about 20 free slots. I have a bunch of everblast shotties in case I ever want to do a chucker build. The rest are just decent weapons, shields, nade mods with good anointments in case they ever get buffed. And I have even more space to clear, due to useless relics.

The point is, it’s somewhat manageable.


we need more inventory size 40 it’s not enough it all not with you 20 lever character


This is what they need to do.

Give us at least 150 not shared Bank slots and 50 shared Bank slots GBX! I hate it to search for my gamma burst maggie inbetween All my other 10 Maggies. For cutsmans its even worse! Every Element x anointment equal over 30 diffrent cutsman?


In past news, Gearbox have stated that further increases in vault size are planned.

I hope we also get some better management options.

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