We need more Gear Loadouts

Considering every character has unlockable gear specifically advantageous to them, there needs to be at least one gear loadout per character. Whether it be the number of gear loadouts equals the number of potential characters (30 at the moment), or every character has their own specific gear loadout(s). The latter would save a little time during character selection, and a lot of time pre-match/mission. It would eliminate the need to edit loadout(s) so frequently, if using several different characters, and allow players to jump back into the fray more quickly.

Just some food for thought.


I know this has been mentioned before but I second this still.

I’m just afraid that the “convenient option” to buy load out slots with premium currency might come into play here :scream:

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So question, I have not unlocked all the Loadout Slots yet, so I want to know how many Loadout Slots can there be in total?

Here the biggest topic + a poll for how many loadouts the players would prefer.

Poll is still open! :heart:

Your topic might get merged later into this one to keep all feedback together.

Max total of 9 loadout slots.

@Radical you can buy loadouts with platinum, but still only limited to a max of 9 slots. I’m hoping they don’t increase that limit and have them behind the platinum pay wall :confounded:

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I knew it had been mentioned before but I didn’t know about the poll. Thanks :smiley:

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Don’t understand why on earth the game released without at least 25 loadouts… feels very much Destiny’s vault space at launch which wasn’t even big enough to hold all the exotics (or if it was, then not much else).

A daft decision that I can only hope was due to coding limitations, but then I a) don’t see how it could be that hard! and b) this makes it worse since they cannot fix it…