We need more new Characters after Beatrix

They Cant stop making them. I really want that their Creativity Keep growing making more and more playable Badass character i dont care if i hace to pay for it i want them


Totally agree with you. I’d love to see them work up to a full roster of 50 or so. Maybe even more.


I do too! I really want them to get super creative and come up with a new faction all together. Maybe an ancient civilization that is looking for a new home? Or the sworn enemy of the verelsi from their dimension? Or maybe the Offcast Robot Group (O.R.G), like the LLC but a competitor or knockoff that never really caught on.


Just create more Eldrid and Rogues and you’ll be good.


Well of course. But do they need more characters?

things look favorable, contrary to the naysayers and doomseers. for example, these new tutorials and this new draft mode etc, they didn’t have to bother putting them in, they’re not getting anything out of it, they could have just focused on the ops got beatrix out and called it a day if the game was truly going down, but they are still coming out with new content they don’t have to make. this is further proven by the peek at “supercharge” upcoming mode from the stream.


I just keep thinking Battleborn is running a marathon vs other games sprints.

I have a theory about how developers are leaving the model of making the bulk of their money on release and focusing more on lengthening the life of games overall. Which I’d be thrilled about. More DLC, less similar sequals.

(I.E. Treyarch announcing they will keep working on Black ops 3 and releasing more content as long as people keep playing.)

Idk if Battleborn is necessarily going to take this route in 2017 but it’s interesting to think about.


We need more characters maps and game mode but i ditn care if a have to wait I will still support this game

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Shut up and take my money, plats and shards


I really need them to hurry up with beatrix. I love her name, her look and her style. I honestly want just one character, Nova in a mech suit. She’s my waifu. I also want more Thaddeus, Nega Toby, And Ambras sister.


YES we need NOVA Gosh I hope gearbox thinks about expanding the heroes roster to 50 or 40 plese hears us


you know what we need gearbox please create more shirts, hoodies, plushies or medium size statues of the heroes I WANT MY SWARMER PLUSH AN TOBY TOO


Yes! Make Nova a playable character!

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don’t forget rendain! I’ll be damned if they don’t come out with him, they seem to have made a specific skill set similar to every other battleborn (like his long distance silence move).

jythri has also mentioned something similar to what is currently a “phase 1” which means that even if it isnt planned its being thought about, which is good enough for me.

what would the characters be? because lenore is also almost definitely a given if there is a phase 2 (probably more than rendain) but they could come up with her and rendain if she was a jenerrit styled rogue (as she did go awol or something)

They should make a character that can jump escape in the direction you are pressing.

They could name it Un-ruined Orendi.


I would like more NON-MAGNUS LLC Characters

A female Rogue Aviant based on a Dodo Bird (my favorite extinct animal)

and uhhh…Eldrid Rip-Off of Raiden from Mortal Kombat, Staff and all.


Or Deande.

Guess it depends on the longevity of the game. If it recovers, I think it’s very likely to see new releases in the future.

I’m personally holding out for Rendain; it’d be nonsense, but it’d definitely be fun.

Yassss 50 characters please! If you guys look up some of the faction concept art(I am too lazy rn) you can see all the good ideas and creativity they have, and how awesome new characters could be!!!

Edit: No too lazy after all

WE NEED AN INSECT :open_mouth:

More here: http://kotaku.com/the-weird-units-of-battleborn-1778106961


I want a dual hero, like early concept of thorn and her drawolf. A badass who needs a lot of micro managment.

Hunter has 1k hp, heavy repetitive crossbow
Pet 800 hp , bite and slash

L1 let you change btw pet and hunter.
Pet R2 does a bit, hold both characters in place and deal a bleed.
Hunter R2 mercy shot, dmg dealt to stuned enemies deals 50% bonus dmg

Passive hunter and pet can rez each other spliting current hp…

Wolf ai: only attacks enemy around an área where is placed.
Hunter ai: will run away to x distance of the enemy to shot.