We need Nova in a robot suit XD like ISIC

It will be Awesome and badass

Theres a picture floating around of all the five new heros except the further down the line you look, the less detail is given until the characters are practically greyd out. The furthest back on the left looks like some kind of robot, almost like the giant minion in PvP. In story mode, Nova begs Kleese to get in a robot suit for a specific mission, Im forgetting which one right now; I take that as a hint that the robot looking hero may be Nova

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That’s true, she does; and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was her since, as undetailed as that giant robot character looks, it would be safe to assume it’s the new LLC character.

I used to want Nova to be a hard light hologram like the holographic doctor from Star Trek Voyager or Rimmer from Red Dwarf, but I know she’s probably going to end up in the robot suit and I am fine with that. Someone else can become the hard light hologram. I have a few ideas myself but don’t know if it would be worth sharing at all.

It’s a hard light life, for us! Sorry, had to do it…

This is the image. All the way too the left seems most likely to be Nova, with the one next to her being UPR. Pendles is to the right of Alani and is rogue, with the one on the far right being Jennerit (and who I personally think will be the Empress).

Yeah, Rendain’s vague comment about the Empress not being dead suggests that she’ll either be a new playable character, or the focus of a DLC; possibly both.