We need ranked matchmaking. This is not competitive!

. Since beta I have formed a little group of ppl on ps4 that we mostly play pvp ( I’m not Very interested on story mode) we mostly go as team of 4 -5 for matches and 90% of games we fight against soloers mays duos sometimes triples.and by the only reason of being coordinated we win most of the games making it a bit unfair for those who want to go casual . I can’t discribe how Much fun I’m having on this game , something I haven’t long time on other new games .please gearbox make us ranked matches with ranked divisions. What u guys think about it and sorry for my English. If ur ps4 add me : Bullet09mm


I’m not so fussed about being grouped against pre-made players, provided the ranking system actually puts you against players with similar skill levels (don’t care how they determine it, but it needs to be fixed). Sure, coordination makes a difference, but when it comes down to it that is much less of an issue than being put up against highly skilled players who are dominating your team in a matter of minutes (had one incursion last 3.5 mins today…). An even game is a fun game, and fun is what will keep people playing this.

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I would not mind having a ranked playlist either. I play on PS4 as well, sometimes in a party of 3 or 4, lately I have just been playing solo or with one friend so matches last longer and are not one-sided. I mainly play Meltdown, as it is my favorite game mode. PSN: LakelandGamer

Ranked is coming. It’ll be a month or two though as they are making sure that their maps are more balanced and getting ready to do character balancing by next week already.

they need to remove skill based matchmaking entirely from normal playlists, and add a ranked playlist and a solo queue playlist for each game mode.

I actually would love the removal of MMR in normal play or at least tone it down even more cause it’s impossible for me to get games without inviting some super low level low win people to bring down the MMR on Steam Singapore now.

I need a team … Impossible to carry in this game

Where you at?

Im also a fan of Ranked Que.
But in Fact, in this stadium of the game you cant add Ranked.
I told you why.

Incursion will be the “esport” map, i think.
But some Charakters are really “useless” and some Charakters are to strong .

Miko is to strong Supporter if you play her correktly, Way to much Healoutput from lvl 1 - 10 .
For tank’s, in my Opinion there only Boldur and ya Galilea with tankybuild.

Look, if you want to play Competetive, we need Some team Composition what work good, also 1 Bann includet each side.
But in fact, that team who Pick Miko and Bann Ambra Win.

Best team is at the moment.

If you play Premade , thats the strongest team so far!
you need only to get Sure , to Bann Ambra, cause rayner has to less Support potential in first 5-6 LvL’s.

We need to wait for last 5 Charakters, maybe this supporter is also usefull like Miko.
If this is the Case, they can add Rankedque without Bann in my Opinion.
But now its way to unbalanced .

You dont believe me? Make Group with 3 Guys, Miko-Ghalt-Merquis,
If you are a veteran Mobagamer, with some FPS Expirience, you will ■■■■ every Team with this Setup.

I am trying to set up a small tournament to see how it plays in a more professional setting. See who will be used since everyone has opinions on who is strong and what map also will be used.

I personally feel that Meltdown will be the better mode, more than Incursion. Incursion doesn’t let you capitalize that much on a single kill and it is too tug-o-war in my opinion. Meltdown seems to have more strategy involved.

Ahh no Meltdown is stupid.
You have no tower behind you, and diving is really easy in this modus.
Cause this reason, many Charakters are not so usefull, in my opinion.

Melee assessine are to strong in this Modus, on Incursion you can go with a Range dd, back to your keeper to stay allaive, on Meltdown is this not possible, Deande and so on, are pretty strong on this map, to strong and far away from balanced :wink:

But you can try, im pretty sure if you make Tournament with a Pricepool, some team’s will que up and show you the balance issues .

You do have thumper turrets, keeping them alive would be part of the strategy and they are easily able to fall back to. It’s about playing the map more than incursion where you really only have 1 side objective to get the thrall camps. But it would be nice to test out all three, even if Capture is just PvP, would still be nice to see if anything can come from it strat wise.

I realize this is a late response, but what system do you play on? Looking for players to establish a competitive community on PS4. And yeah I feel as if Meltdown is more strategic and fast paced than Incursion. I still love to play incursion every now and then.

I’m on ps4.
But it does seem like they are working on something more competitive.