We need SDU stage 2 >:O

We need more space. We need more ammo . We need a better way to spend our money ! not
a sitting duck at slotmachine and its not fun !
Lets vote for SDU stage 2 ! Make Vault hunter Greater again >:O !
anyone Wanna see it happen . Lets cheerio this topic and show your hand up ! ~[>O< ]/~


Predatory Lending will help you with one of these problems :wink:

I’d love a Vault Hunter system that was steep grind but for a payoff like this.

Lock them behind something cool, either money based, or my favorite would be some weapon challenges.

Like…2000 headshots with snipers gets SDU 2.0.

I want some end game goals to really shoot for. But worth pay off. Haha.

SDU 2.0 is a great start!

Yeah 40 slots isn’t enough. BL1 had 72 slots and that wasn’t enough either. To avoid cluttering up the bank and make scrolling a living hell, just add more banks.